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Thanks a lot! This is really encouraging. 

I'm still gathering ideas for how the player can spend gold, but I have a few solid ones I think. I also have plans for unused gear, similar to salvage systems in some rpg's like Diablo 3, but a little more interesting.
Hopefully I can get the next update out soon so I can start working on that :)

By the way, how did you find the difficulty of the enemies?

Yeah, the game has no sound as of yet. It'll come some time during the alpha, though.

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Thanks and sorry for the late response! I'll have to put it in a zip file in the next update. 

I don't understand what you mean? You should be able to press J and enter the realm at any time.

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Thanks for this. I thought I had already dealt this issue, apparently not! I'm testing a fix right now.
In the meantime you can return to the hideout (press R) and re-enter the map if you get stuck again.

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How do I get started playing?

  1. Make a character and enter the game by pressing the yellow arrow. 
  2. Once in game, you will notice two flashing buttons at the bottom of the game window. One opens the skills menu and the other opens the realm menu.
  3. Open the skills menu and learn your first ability by clicking on one of the skill icons (they will be flashing). If you change your mind you can refund skill points at any time via the very obvious button.
  4. Creating a new realm is as easy as clicking "New Realm"  followed by "Continue".
  5. Once on a map, you'll notice a task at the top of the screen. Complete it and you'll be able to proceed to the next stage by moving all the way to the right.

Press ESC to view the game's controls.

How many people are working on this game?

Just me! :)

What are you using to make this game?

Godot engine. I use Aseprite to create the art.

How much will the game cost?

That is still to be decided, but it will not be free. A person's gotta eat.

Where are saves located?

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Rightrealm\players  Some updates during the early development stages may not load saves from an older version due to compatibility issues (e.g. if the way inventory data is stored was to change). You may want to delete them when this happens

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Thanks! I don't have any plans for Linux support at the moment. It is a possiblity though!