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Changelogs are now moved to Development log section!

0.0.6 alpha test build released

  • Abilities book and assigning UI in menu
  • Skillbar added in the game UI
  • Server sync improvements
  • Abilities system added
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0.0.5 alpha test build released

  • New map models
  • Movement sync smooth (interpolation)
  • Fixed hits rotation network sync
  • Added bots
  • Bots pathfinding
  • Fixed throwing direction bug

0.0.4 alpha test build released

  • Improved code
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0.0.3 alpha test build released

  • Server fixes and improvements
  • Fixed nickname refresh in menu
  • Whispering added
  • Connected users list in lobby
  • Added chat messages timestamp

0.0.2 alpha test build released

  • Working lobby/room chat & connection events
  • Changes and improvements in the UI
  • Added UI in game room
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0.0.1 alpha test build released.

  • Basic networking
  • Lobby
  • Chat in lobby & game
  • Basic state synchronization for players in game

Got up to 16lvl. The game is addictive ngl.

Just uploaded a new version of the game!

I like the christmas zombie vibe. Would love to see more types of enemies (ranged for example).

I like your game. It would be cool to see some additional abilities, or attack combo.

The Ronin

Hello people, I've uploaded a build of the game I was working on for a while. It is yet in the development but can be played and all the feedback is warmly welcome. 

You can download it here: The Ronin Game Page

Hope you like the game. Please leave the feedback, so I can improve it! :)

Hello, I would like to share a game I'm creating few days already.

It's going to be the fast paced 2d hack and slash in dungeon environment.
There is already a playable gameplay demo so if you have a moment to try it out, you can find it here:
Im going to update game daily with new features and graphics.

 Let me know what you think in comments. Hope you like it! :)