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I didn’t read much about it before hitting “play” ; so I was thinking “This reminds me of dwarf fortress!”

Solid game overall! sure upgrades/tower types are a bit missing but hey it’s a game jam! The tutorial is a very nice touch!

For suggestions to where the game could go, focusing on the workers would be a neat idea, to differentiate from classic towerdefenses 👍

cool goose!

All very valid points! I had a lot planned to address those, but yeah didn’t spend much time on this jam.

  • I did set a fixed seed for determinism while texting, and never got to change it.
  • I wanted to make a previsualization of the next tile, under the cursor, that would have helped a lot with getting accurate “art” ; also a selection circle around bottom piece might have made that clearer.
  • I wanted to draw a simple box, yeah :’)
  • yeah tweet button is too “in your face”, also no text can feel ambushing, sorry :o
  • The random is driven by weights, but I used the same random for both size, shape and color, so maybe it’s biased. using a shuffle bag might be a better choice for controlled randomness indeed thanks for the idea.

Yay for bevy engine 🥳

Cool thanks for keeping the game alive! And congrats on getting a web build :)

I picked it up for day 2: ; I’ll refrain from more comments for the sake of the jam’s concept :)

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bevy :D (

from me:

another bevy (not from me, but I might join it):

thanks for your support :)

persistence has been added :) it’s through a new “triangle” node ; next update will take more time.

Thanks, keep an eye out for the updates, next one will allow you to keep your progress!

It’s not really usable yet, as there is no way to gain currency.

In the future there would be another game feeding currencies into this game.

The currencies will allow you to “buy” ennemies, to speed up the difficulty ramp up and reach the harder levels earlier.

I want to make it fair and make this currency totally optional, not giving real advantage, a part from speeding stuff you’ve seen and master already.

[tech speech] In the meantime, you can cheat in several ways, the easiest is probably using postman or similar and add yourself some credits if you know how to read and consume an (open)API, more details at

I released a somewhat optimized build which replaced text by a progress gauge, let me know if you can play longer than before :) ;

The balancing/timings hasn’t had much thoughts yet.

Next update will probably add persistence, but I think it will be in ~2 months


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That’s heavily under construction (don’t expect it to be “fun” until late 2024) ; but if you’re interested in tech details, check out Backpack

Players can have an account created on Backpack server when playing games supporting Backpack (game developers must integrate it).

For the moment Backpack supports (in tech demo) accounts through email/password, but later on I’d like to support facebook and your favorite way of authenticating (private key, github, twitter…)

My objective for S’idlEffect is to gain currency for another game, stay tuned :)

S’idlEffect will eventually be an idle game, featuring persisted sessions, so you can come back to the map you know later on.

Blocking the square is useless for now, I think I’ll prevent click to block.

Thanks for your tests! I didn’t realize that, I’ll try to investigate.


Hey, I cannot offer to team up, but you might have more chances to search for a jam team on ; good luck and happy jam :)

I definitely should have spent more than 5 minutes on that difficulty curve 😅 ; as for the amount of levels, it’s mostly random, my “clever” marketing to lead players to play longer did not pan out too well when I look at the scoreboard 😅. Except for one very motivated individual reaching level 50 🔥🔥

The difficulty curve has been done in 5 minutes and quickly becomes way too hard, don’t be hard on yourself <3

I like it :D ; I feel like I’m good, but I actually don’t understand how I can be, there’s too many axis and stuff happening to anticipate for me :o ; but I can see hardcore gamers having a blast at it!!

Given the state of the leaderboard I guess a hardcore mode without the « close enough » might have been interesting 😅

Yeah the UX can definitely be improved, I wanted to make a drag and drop to mix and match numbers and operations, but I chose to keep it simple to « finish » ; It’s also lacking :

  • clear feedback on which number is first or second
  • a satisfying delay after a successful operation

Solid game, on mobile the buttons are abit small and lacking pressed state, which makes it a bit hard to play ; but I’m just finding justifications to explain my poor scoring, hard game for me as someone bad with colors 😅

Hey, sorry you had no response!

I guess it’s too late for this jam, but for future reference, the bevy discord is more active, you would probably have more luck to find a team there.

That’s a great idea actually ! Initially the game was planned to have bevies disappear over time, so players would have to be quick to be the fastest to whack ; but I didn’t implement that 😇

Great storyline :)