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Thank you both for your quick responses. 

No Time To Play, I don't know what "give it a bump means" but whatever you did, wow suddenly it is findable on this site. 

However, shows the game having been released 9 days ago, which of course it was.

"If you just added a minimum price and/or dowloadable files, that would explain why it hasn't been indexed OR reviewed yet."

No, files and prices were in place immediately. In fact nothing I've found on this site explains what just happened. 

I've read the FAQ as I'd specified in my emails to support and can confirm that this game is not my first, in fact my fourth on this platform.. 

Going through its points:

Titles that are a single letter or a single common English word are examples potentially bad project names.

Doesn't apply.

  • Your project must be published by selecting the Public option mentioned above.


  • You haven’t limited access to the page via the Public access settings. If you select either “Disable new downloads & purchases” or “Unlisted in search & browse” then you are opting out of being eligible for indexing.


  • You have a cover image uploaded on your page


  • Your project is available for purchase, download, or is playable in the browser. Empty or placeholder pages will not be indexed. (Although, if you create devlog entries then those will be indexed if the page is public)


Additionally, please review our Quality Guidelines for specific rules about how you should and shouldn’t use your page. 


If you feel like you may have been affected please contact us through our support page.

Yep did that too.

There are also some scenarios where your page must be viewed by a moderator before it can be indexed. The most common case is for new sellers: If you've just created an account and you're selling your first project, then your published page is placed in a queue for review. 

Nope I'm not a new seller.

Established sellers with no history of issues will skip this review step and will be indexed immediately.

Apparently not.

If you have any questions or need to be expedited then please contact us through our support page.

But I did that half a dozen times but there was no response at all.

I've sent half a dozen emails to support and never any response.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Also when or if the game does finally show up, is it at least listed as a new release or are they shunted down to having been released (months?) before?

If only it was this much fun in 1978!

Back then Space Invaders was hard, very hard and most of us, like it's creator, couldn't hope to get past level two or three. We love the idea of it, it's still iconic and represents the birth of video games but after losing all three lives rather quickly we get bored of death and look for our nostalgia fix elsewhere.

Don't hate me for saying but the original Space Invaders is great to look at, as a piece of art, to have on mugs and T-shirts but is just not a very good game to play. It wasn't its fault, it was early tech, great for the time but had many limitations and was designed to have coins pumped in as often as possible.

So hard is it in fact that in over 40 years you can count the people who have had very high scores on the game almost on the fingers of one hand, they're practically famous. These are the highest ever scores for the original 1978 version of Space Invaders, now all done through MAME emulation:

At #7 is Marco Tapella with a very respectable 72,670.

All the scores listed would have taken many hours of boring shot counting, repetitive bug exploits and crossed legs as comfort breaks were not possible. It is the only viable way to play the game well. It takes all sorts and these are obviously a special bunch.

Enter Space Invader 7, the direct port of the #1 smash hit original windows game with gameplay designed from the ground up for mortals. 

Space Invader 7 plays like you'd wish Space Invaders always had; has a beginning, middle and end, with a build up to a frantic, seat of the pants challenging shooter rather than a game of chess where only the "right" boring strategy can get past the 3rd screen.

In the gameplay footage you'll see the player battling past Marco's score while building up their lives and using the defence shields for what they should be for; as a strategic, destructible hide-behind in order to pick off the relentlessly advancing enemy forces.

Bringing the nostalgia of the iconic classic back to life with this ultimate remaster and a slew of graphic options means you can now truly play it your way and emulate the all time champions while having fun with this original, challenging game.

The game page link is below, there is a free demo available there too:

Hello Itch community,

I'm delighted to be able to offer The Island Odyssey! Hi Spec now for Oculus Quest.

The game was made originally for GearVR and Oculus Go but recently I was made aware that it's presentation on Oculus Quest is amazing and with the 6dof movement enabled, a virtual day out at the beach to have fun in a scavenger hunt, relax, swim, play some music and then have a nice dinner is even more immersive than it was on the Go and truly welcome at this difficult time.

There is a video review (including Quest) here: 

The game itself is available on itch here:

The Oculus Go version is on the store here:

Hello community, this is my first post on the forums so please bear with me if I'm just being thick or whatever.

I've been trying to submit my game "Botty Bird" to the Amazon Appstore but they reject it at the content stage every time, this is the most recent issue:

I've emailed them for clarification of the issue (my game contains my game, what documentation do they need?!!) and wonder if anyone on Itch might have experience of this?

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For PC download or HTML5 play (including mobile browser playable). 

Also on Google Play: