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Thanks! Works super well. Amazing game! Really enjoyed that!

Really want to play that. Would you be able to make a Linux build?

Loved the game, it really feels like Megaman Legends, the ambience, the music and sound effects, really enjoyed all of that. Played the game on Linux and it runs super fine. 

I've seen people talking about the auto aim stuff. I would just make it configurable, something you can configure on options menu. Maybe a configurable crosshair would help too, although I am not a big fun on something  on the middle of the screen on 3rd person kind games.

It felt different playing using mouse and keyboard since I remember playing that kind of game using a psone controller. I was good though.

I can't say much about art, it's just amazing. And all the audio stuff, really good. 

Hope to play a final version in the future! Great work!

Oh, really nice game! Love the art style!

oh! Sorry about that! I just like to make stuff on small windows. But I have to say that didn't pay much attention on the final experience playing on the browser. I'll pay attention on that next time. Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for the comment! I wanted to add all of that but this week was like hell at work D: I didn't think about the borders thought, I will probably try to implement the Asteroid like. Thanks again for the tips!

Very nice to play this game. Its music and ambient are so relaxing that I could play all day. Good job! 

At the moment after catching a crab the Confirm button only accepts mouse commands. 

Nice game! The story is really interesting and kept me into it the entire time. I wonder what happens next... hope you guys consider to keep the development going.

Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked It :D

Thanks for the comment. That ambigous ending is actually on porpuse, I leave the players to interpret however they want. I didn't want to make a game with a directed and closed meaning, but really open to the player subjectivity instead.