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The bug lists 2017.1.4p2 as the oldest version it repros on, and I confirm the current way is broken on 2017.4 :/

Does the new way throw errors on 5.3.4? If not, you could just call both right away, an EnableKeyword + SetFloat(1). That'll work, until it doesn't :)

Super Text Mesh community · Created a new topic SDF Quality

I'm having trouble getting any good SDF quality out of Super Text Mesh, and am looking for advice on how to fix it.

I've followed the guide and generated an SDF texture with the free asset on the store, using a font size of 128 in the Font asset settings, and a 2, 2, 0 for the inside/outside/postprocess distance settings in the actual SDF generation tool.

What comes out always looks really bad on screen, like, worse than a normal font.

Here is a closeup of SDF in TextMeshPro:

and here is STM:

Those waves and the filtering really creates very rough output (TMPro on top, STM on bottom):

And this is TMPro SDF vs just the regular font mode in STM:

Unfortunately the final quality of STM isn't as good as TMP in general (I believe this is due to an unlit shader overall,  and the underlay in TMPro seems better filtered, although its hard to judge since I'm doing something clearly wrong in STM.

Are there any ideas how to fix things?

FYI, @KaiClavier, it looks like there is a bug that is ominously closed "ByDesign" here:

However, I found a fix for this. I looked at your shader "Super Text Mesh/Unlit/Default", and see this:

[Toggle(SDF_MODE)] _SDFMode ("Toggle SDF Mode", Float) = 0

So I tried a:

mat.SetFloat("_SDFMode", [0/1]);

Instead of your EnableKeyword/DisableKeyword calls, and now the material properly toggles in the editor (and I see the SDF pass for example changing things, so it seems to function). I don't know why Enable/Disable keyword doesn't work.

PS I did see you reply to my subthread reply earlier in the main thread (I guess I'll keep to the main thread).

You kind of make this too easy. I didn't realize that <s=0.5> is a relative size, for my needs all I need to do is make sure the text gets set to uppercase and then T<s=0.8>EST is perfect!

Thank you, solved!

Is it possible to add Smallcaps as a rich text style?

Yup, I see this and your example code is a perfect start. Thank you!

I have the exact same problem where the SDF mode can't be checked! Unity 2017.4.15f1, v1.8.10, I can't check SDF mode, and I can't check "Pixel Snap" either (although I don't know what that does).

It just immediately toggles itself off.

I'm just using the built in prefab, right click create -> 3D Objects -> Super 3D Text, and no dice. I've got an SDF atlas generated, but it also doesn't work on a regular font (Arial) either.

I just purchased the plugin in the Unity sale and I can say, yes, it does have coloured underline (and strikethrough) support. Seems a bit odd with the instantiated sprites under the text, but its there :)

(1 edit)

How is the underline functionality in STM exposed? All I could fine in the documentation is a patch note for v1.8.6:

  • Added a sample scene showing how to make underline & strikethrough effects.

Is it possible to change the colour of just the underline versus the font face? So we could have a white font, with a blue underline?