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Helloooo I don't know if you're aware but you're on the front page of RPS right now:

Helloooo I don't know if you're aware but you're on the front page of RPS right now:

Helloooo I don't know if you're aware but you're on the front page of RPS right now:

Helloooo I don't know if you were aware but you're on the front page of RPS right now:

Thank you for your thorough analysis :) Most of the feedbacks you had were implemented post-jam, I don't know if you saw the new builds linked on the game page, but it's way clearer in terms of gameplay feedbacks :)

Again, very cool :)

By the way we made an improved version of our game with actual sound effects and gameplay feedbacks and lights that... work.

If you want to check it out and go up to 4 spooks 6 you, there are links to a new browser build and a windows build on the game's page :)

Thank you very much we're glad you enjoyed it :)

It's here! Please visit the game page to download it. it is actually an improved version with sound effects and more feedbacks. Enjoy :)

It's here! Please visit the game page to download it. it is actually an improved version with sound effects and more feedbacks. Enjoy :)

Hiii sorry to hear about your issues, we'll try to be issuing a Windows build shortly but I don't know when exactly

Thank you that means a lot :) although looking at some other submissions this seems like an overstatement ;)

Hi, we're glad you liked it :)

We might upload a downloadable version once the jam is over. Stay tuned

Hi, we're glad to like it :) thanks for the feedback.

We did plan on making a proper tutorial, maybe with a small separate room, but we lacked the time to so it ended up being a fat wall of text :'( and we can't have it disappear on a timer, because it's a bad practice that penalizes slow readers, so it disappears when you fetch the light bulb. But that's also not optimal because since it's a fat wall of text people expect the controls to be deactivated and don't start moving

thank you we're glad you like it :)

The light was actually way better before (see screenshots) but somehow on the VERY LAST BUILD submitted at the VERY LAST SECOND, light goes through walls :(

Nice one!

Thank you for the feedback it's really appreciated :)

Thanks! Link me your game so I can check out your light mechanics plzzzzzz :)

Yyyyeaaah we really lacked the time to implement feedback for the player's actions, actually you find pieces of keys with the clues, and they open doors. There should have been things like "a door has been open" or something to tell you you had made progress, but we just didn't have time. Glad you enjoyed it though :)

Thanks for the feedback!

And indeed I just went straight for a super simple controller and didn't account for speed-strafing. then went on with other task and never got time to clean it up. Thanks anyway :)

Thanks! Stay tuned for an improved version maybe :)

Thanks :) Most of us actually work at the same studio so it was a cool team building experience :)

Team of five and a lot of stress I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But really we left behind many things and the game is now lacking a lot of important stuff (like... sounds... and visual feedbacks on your actions...) so we're really proud on the result narrative/graphics wise but we could have done with an extra day ;)

404 page not found :(

Thanks for the feedback! We're still recuperating from this weekend's effort actually ;)

Hi, thanks for this thorough feedback, we're glad you enjoyed the ambience of the game as it is truly the main focus we had over the weekend :)

Thank you :)

We're not native English-speaking either so maybe the English of the game is bad too ;)

And yeah there's a recent surge of top-down view in games like Hotline Miami and such, and we want to give this towering, high FOV feeling, and letting you see what the light hits or not, so we went for it

Yeah I think people will understand it's a bug and just not use it.

What I mean is:

- Right now sheeps give you 1pt.
- Let's say you make them give you... 3pts
- Now at any second in the game I have the choice to either press SPACE to end the game right now and cash out on my high time score, but with not many sheeps, ooooor let the game running a few more seconds which lowers my score but I could use that time to win more sheeps, thus a better score. Since sheeps are worth three points they're "worth 3 seconds" and the game is now a compromise between time score and sheep score and to balance those I have to make the decision to stop the game early or not

Merci ! A bientôt pour un build avec les lumières qui remarchent mieux ;)

Hi, thank you for taking the time to write a thorough review :)
We did indeed lack the time to implement proper feedback (mostly, sound feedback). We planned to have signs that lamp sockets were empty/broken/about-to-break, as well as properly showing how the switchboard was the way of reparing broken sockets. Also signaling when a door has been open would have been great but we ran out of time sooo fast T_T

We may update the game with sound effects and more feedbacks once the jam is over though :)

Nice! I like the character

Spoooooks :)

It's a fun game :) however when I press the space bar it ends the game, giving me whatever time is left as a score, which is more than I could do on my own actually gathering the sheeps.
Maybe it's a debug thing that stayed in the build ?
but actually if the sheeps gave more than one points it could be fun to stop the game when there's a good balance of time left vs sheep left

Thank you we're glad you liked it :)

We were indeed more focused on the narration side of things (that's why we're missing so many gameplay feedbacks 0:) )

Hello hello,

Our team of five took part in the Game Maker's Toolkit game jam this weekend, with the theme "only one".

Play Tread Lightly here

You wake up alone in a dark mansion. You cannot leave the place, yet something seems to lurk in the dark. Is it after you? Probably...

Fortunately, there is a lightbulb still working. Only one though: you will have to take it with you on your way to the deeper parts of the mansion in order to keep away the thing in the dark. But it means walking without light from one lamp to another. Will you be fast enough? Will you discover what happened here and why you are locked in?

Tread lightly on your way to the truth...

Tell us what you think :)