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Why they look so similar

Just for fun

Thank you for your kind words. I am still working on this game to fix bugs and add more features. About a 32-bit version of the game, I already built it and you can download it but keep in mind that it is still in development and unstable.(Warning: The 32-bit is another build so it won't connect with the 64. To play coop, all players must have the same version. This won't happen in the future)

Thank you for playing my game. However, this project update may be delayed for a long time because I am refactoring the code to fix bugs and add more features.

I'm glad that my assets can help you in your game development work. Wishing you success with your new game

This pack is really good. I might use it for my project.

A little suggestion: The cocking lever of MP5 is on the left side, not the right.

So tired

this doesn't work

another scam from those Indian kompuder master

this is just like shit (game như cứt, ĐMM)

I wish that I know this sooner. This pack is amazing!

you should add bots or offline mode for this game. It could help the new players and also make the gameplay a bit less lonely when everyone leaves the room

Sorry, I know you stop working on this asset but do you have a lite version of this ? Like just only basic movement (walking, running, crouching, ladder climbing, swimming).

The problem is the editor does not have a full-screen function. When I try to maximize the editor window, it expands but the map keeps the same resolution.

I still don't know how he can capture full maps like these showcases.

How can I export the map to png?

it's just an asset flip 

no one would buy this

i think i broke it

I think I broke it :|

Nice game, but I feel it is a bit challenging.
Looking for the easy mode and save point

Fantastic! Thank for playing.

I will subscribe and like your video