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screen implosion

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MECANICHALLY AWESOME (audio loop still on my mind)

cosy frame

super cool game

awesome stuff. 

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Got to day 14th and didn't find it, I can't keep this game out my head. Will find it one night. I need to bring a wide lens I have somewhere at home. Probably for Camera A. Then I will move C and B heuristically. I know where to search, I know where to go. Hopefully the damm squirrel won't change the route every week...  

Thank you! Love the comments!

so good

It's a hack! when painting the sprites on screen, I can send you the code later if u want

cool one!

Wow, what a game! Congrats!

THank you! I will try to update it this week! (Need to find someone with Win 10) Happy holidays!

Hi! oh noo,

what windows version do you have? I will try to look for this bug. Second time I heard about....Sorry!

got a first glance and loving it

Loved it. Thank you, very nice one.

cool stuff! hooked me up

Loved it!

Had a crash on mac and Can't play it. Doesn't even start:

Crashing on exception: *** +[NSString stringWithCString:encoding:]: NULL cString

Looks cool!

nice one. cool puzzles