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The game length isn't an issue really, it accomplishes what it needs to and towards the end there is some great atmosphere. The character walk speed is annoyingly slow though

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but the Szymanski's never miss. 

Very nice! Simple but effective idea. Went through and got all 3 of the endings, and even found the secret ending. 

Very nice, fun and short, considering this is your first horror I think you did really well.
Just as things started to drag you mixed it up, and erm, yeah got me at a certain point. If you know you know. 

After another epic Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, I decided to go ahead and play all 25 games for one video, giving short playthroughs and my thoughts on each game, as well as an introduction which has my history with the PS1 and demo discs in general. Hope you enjoy!

Each game will have it's own page on itch that you will be able to download the demo from

Hey, I played your game on my channel.

I'm a big fan boy of the PS1, and I'm really pleased with the plethora of awesome indie games that are coming out and using that period of gaming as its influence. 

I think this game is really tight so far, I really dig the atmosphere, the style, the graphics, the characters attitude and I enjoy the fact that there's a sneaking mechanic in the game!

One issue I did have was the turning, I'm very familiar with tank controls having grown up with these games, but when you are stationary, the 90 degree turn is a bit weird. It works fine when you're in motion, but when you're not you can't make small adjustments to your direction. I don't know if that something you made intentionally, but that was just my two cents on that.

All in all, it's a really great time and I hope this does get taken further and built into a full paid experience. I would happily pay for a full version of the game.

All the best

Hi there, I decided to give your game a try and use it in a video. 

The game is good, certainly a great job for your first mini game!

I tried my hand at game development for a while, and I know how many challenges it presents. This is miles beyond what I ever did with the months and months of practice that I had.

Bit of feedback; the biggest issue for me was the no reloading animation. You did have the heart to add the reloading text, so it wasn't a complete mystery. But I think a reload animation, even a simple one, would've made a massive difference.
Also if the player has health, there should be someway of checking it. Maybe a hotkey that brings up the health in the on screen hud, but it can fade away overtime so it's not constantly there. On the health front also, if the player could check their health and it wasn't regenerative over time, then you could've scattered health kits (in the form of first aids or something that fit the setting, like Victorian Doctor's Bags or something) scattered around. This would've also aided in exploration reward.

But, that's just some feedback from a voluntary play tester :) you did a great job, and I think you show great promise for what you can make next!


This game is awesome! 

It's really easy to see the amount of love and care that went into each scene. It has a creepy undertone to everything, so it's not horror, but has that unsettling feeling that games like Myst always gave me! 

The puzzles are fun too! Not too hard, but certainly not too easy. It has the perfect balance.

If you're a fan of point and click games in any way, you'll enjoy this one.

I also made a video of my playthrough for anyone interested:

I got to this game a little late, but as a massive Modus Interactive fan, I'm so glad I checked this game out!

It has a tricky and challenging learning curve, but I think that actually fits the PS1 aesthetic even more, because games like that didn't hold your hand, and once you do figure it out, you'll find that this 2 minute game has actually lasted you close to 20.

Awesome visuals, awesome game mechanics and ideas, Modus has done it yet again. (one thing I will nit-pick, the mouse felt inverted to me, and made controlling it much trickier, I don't know if this was intentional or not)

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

This game is really fun! 

I've got to say it was a little confusing at first getting the car started. But once I realised that sometimes it just doesn't work and you have to keep trying the same process again, the game became a heart pounding romp.

Classic 80's style slasher horror setting, and TWELVE endings?? Insanely good work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

I really enjoyed this game! While it wasn't anything outside of what I expected going in, it really creeped me out! Great work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

hey! Thank you so much! 

Haha yeah I did figure it out while I was edited and cringed at myself 

Hi, I played your game for a video on my YouTube channel.
I've got to say, while this game is pretty standard for an indie horror game (walk from a to b, on the way to c something scary happens), but this game has such an amazing atmosphere!
I was seriously impressed by how genuinely creeped out I was when exploring the level. The sound design is really great, and adds a lot to the experience.
I promise you, if you play this with headphones cranked up in the dark, it'll get you at least once.

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

Hi there, I played your game on my channel, and it was really enjoyable!

It's a very fitting game for current times, and it's quite easy to imagine that someone would do something like this, and it's interesting to be put in the shoes of the person doing it.

I look forward to the other two releases coming out in this trilogy! Great job!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:


I finally got around to playing this game after a lot of game creators I follow on Twitter were sharing it around when the jam happened.

This game is fantastic fun!

I've always loved these sorts of games *insert obligatory Wario Ware comparison here* and having the horror theme makes it so much more my cup of tea.

It's so well made, and even though some of the mini games are challenging, even when the speed increases it's still a blast to try and get to the end!

Well done, on such a good game, and congrats on the sequel on Dread X 3, I played that too and it is the same amazing quality!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

I recently played through your game in a 3 random horror games video.
I began playing it expecting it to be a boring walking simulator styled P.T clone, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The atmosphere and story work really well, and actually had me quite invested. I didn't expect the story to be all that great, but it has it's fair share of twists and turns.
The jumpscares aren't too savage either, but still have a nice effect on the experience.

Great work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

I recently played your game in a 3 random horror games video, and it was a lot of fun!

The game has a lot of scary moments, with creepy audio, jumpscares and surprises!
The volume was pretty loud too, so when you encounter an enemy, it makes it quite unsettling!

Great work!

Here's my video for anyone interested (timestamps in the description):

I played your game as part of a 3 random horror games video, and I've got to say, it was super creepy.

I'm not exactly sure what it was about the game that creeped me out so much, but I couldn't even finish it (probably because I suck at games where you have to hide)

But, all in all, a great and scary experience, great work!

Here's my video for anyone interested:

I really, really enjoyed this game!

It has a really great atmosphere, and really spooked me out. I really enjoyed the fact that it was based on a real folklore, which was entertaining and quite educational reading through the itch page.
And of course, I love PSX aesthetics, so this game was a home run for me, well done!

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

Haha, oh my god you're right I did link the wrong video. I've never done that before, whoops. I'll correct it!

(1 edit)

Hi, I recently played this game in a YouTube video, and I really enjoyed it!

I played through the previous entry, Space To Investigate, which I also loved. But I can see you've really expanded on the idea and taken it to the next level!

It took me a little while to actually find out who the killer was, but it was a lot of fun snapping crime scene shots and questioning perps along the way!

I would love to see this idea expanded upon, maybe make a version that you can keep updating, adding cases as time goes on? Love it.

Keep up the great work!

Here's my gameplay for those interested:

Hey Rubeki,

when I posted my playthrough of your game here I made a joke that I broke the speedrun world record. 

Well, I actually made a page for the game on (hope you don't mind) and I am now world record holder! This joke took a lot longer to get approved than I expected but, there you go

Hey! As you know after commenting on my video, I played you game for a 3 random horror games video!

You’ve cleared everything up that I addressed in the video, and have even added an awesome update since I played it!
It’s challenging, it’s scary, it’s got a unique setting and it plays great!

Honestly, an absolutely awesome game. I love the fact you have level skip buttons (when I played) to help people who might get stuck in one part!
You seem like an awesome developer, keep it up!

Here’s my gameplay for those interested (time stamps in the description):

Hi, I played your game for a 3 random horror games video!

I really liked the vintage film style of the game, reminded me a lot of the classic Nosferatu movie.
It took me a while to figure out what to do, and honestly I wouldn’t have figured it out if it wasn’t for one of the videos on this page.
From what I can tell you need to close you eyes by the door you start next to, find out you need a key. Run to one side of the map and grab the key, run back and go through the door to the end.

Trouble is, the door was completely broken when I played. It wouldn’t open when I had the key, and it seems the turning point on the door was in the middle, not the hinges.
That meant I had to wiggle my way through the tight gap to get in and see the ending. Even stranger, the door does open without the key if you wiggle in.

All that said, I can see the effort and the potential of this game. It’s clearly made with a lot of love for the source material, and a tiny bit more polish it would’ve been great!
Keep up the great work!

Here’s my gameplay for those interested (time stamps in the description):

I really enjoyed the game!
It felt a little empty without a little music (but I added my own in post), but that’s not the end of the world. I didn’t play the game before this, but it didn’t detriment my experience with this game! It had some simple but still effective set pieces, and made me jump a couple of times!
Great work, keep it up!

Here’s my gameplay for anyone interested:

This game was cool, the mechanic was really fun to get lost with. I actually beat the game twice to make sure I didn't miss anything, and the second time I got way more lost than the first!

Good atmosphere, great mechanic, good times!

Here's my gameplay for those interested (third game, time stamp in the decription):

This game was fun! It did a decent job of building a scene, and making you want to make your way through the creepy setting!

There was a slight slow down in the middle section, where I could tell the game was trying to lull me into a false sense of security, by the player and having nothing happen for a while. But things do start picking up again, and there's some creepy moments and couple of good scares in there!

I had a little fun at the end, with the enemy, which i've seen other people comment on so i know why it happened. But it's nothing major. Great work!

Here's my game play for those interested (second game, time stamps in the decription):

I absolutely loved this game. Like, I'm actually blown away by the amount of love and hard work that has gone into this project. I've seen people say there is a lot of running in the game with nothing much going on, but that's called exploration and world building.

I haven't seen a free indie game with a world this fleshed out in a long time. Every single person you speak to feels unique, it takes ages to get down to the swamp, and by the time you get there, you feel like you've been on a journey. The game also rewards exploration with ammunition. 

I've missed fixed camera angles when they're done right, and this game nails it in setting and execution. Excellent work.

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

This game was a lot of fun, I love being in an investigating position. The setting was creepy and unsettling, and you always get the feeling you’re being watched!
The audio seemed extremely loud, which isn’t so much an issue but it made me jump an extra amount. I didn’t realise that it was a preview/demo, so when it ended I was quite sad because I was so invested!
I’ll be keeping an eye on open for the Steam release! Good work!

Here’s my gameplay for those interested (third game in the video):

I had fun with Moe’s, there was a lot of atmosphere and when I was doing that SH2 decent into the basement, I was genuinely creeped.
I did smash the game I’ve got to say, I didn’t get close to being caught, which is rare for me in this style of game!
But all in all, a really good submission to the jam! Great work!

Here’s my game play for those interested (second game in the video):

This game really surprised me. I had a lot of fun with it, I really enjoyed the puzzles and the B-Movie wooden-acted style of it was so funny. Reminded me of early RE mixed with the kind of horror you would find in a mad B-Movie horror.

The one slight issue I had was with the hit detection on the axe in the final part of the game. But the combat was quite forgiving so it works out.
Great work, I’ll keep an eye open for your future releases.

Here’s my gameplay for those interested:

Hi, played your game for a 3 random horror games video, and I really, really enjoyed it!

It gave me slight flashbacks to the start of Silent Hill 4, where you're in an appartment, and things are off, but at this stage you don't know why.
But these questions do eventually get answered, and I loved the puzzles, set pieces and the enemey encounter. All done perfectly. Keep up the great work.

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

Hi, I played your game for a 3 random horror games video and loved it!
Honestly, this is one of the most well put together and polished indie horror games I've stumbled across on this site, let alone one made for a jam. That is very, very impressive work.
I can see the Penubra influence in this game, and don't mind it at all because I'm a fan of that game too. The only 'negative' I would say, is that there is a lot of note reading, but that's a very minor complaint.
I would love to see this game expanded to a full release and would even happily pay for it.
Excellent work!

Here's my gameplay for those interested:

Hi Vlad!

As you know, I played your game on a 3 random horror games video recently, and you commented before I could get here to share it haha!

Your comment on my YouTube video answered every slight issue I had with the game and was really informative, I'll repsond to that after this!

But yeah, another great game by a great indie dev, I look forward to seeing this finished and seeing what else you release!

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

I really enjoyed this game! I played through the first Harmful when that was submitted to the Haunted PS1 jam, and even though this one isn't free, I was more than happy to pay for it solely based off the quality of the previous game.

The game is a lot bigger than the previous title, much more fleshed out with story and set pieces. It certainly has a great atmosphere, and really sets the scene very well.
I have seen people saying that this is just a walking simulator, and yes there's not much 'action' going on, it's more a game made to make you feel like you are actually going through the tapes of a serial killer. That is a feeling I think the game nails, and I was never bored or stuck wondering around at any point.
Watch half a video on the game to see if it seems like your cup of tea, but I really recommend it

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

I came to this game after checking out Get Spooked (the first game in the video), both of the games were a lot of fun and I can see you're good at making indie horror games! Keep up the good work!

Here's the gameplay for anyone interested (time stamps in description):

This game caught me off guard I've got to say! 

I won't say anymore because it will spoil the game for other YouTubers, but I did check out another one of your games in this video too! Dimensions: Dead Edition. I'll post this video over there too! Good work!

Here's the gameplay for anyone interested: