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The game is part of two short horror games in this video, and Better To Upload is the second in the video.

I can see what the creator is going for with this project. I’m a fan of the person in the game and enjoyed working out it was him.

I stupidly muted the call at the start of the game and struggled a little bit with finding my feet, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever did. I’m not going to say that’s the games fault because I’m not the best at this style of game.

I think it could definitely be a fun and enjoyable game once it is completed!

Here’s my play through for those interested:


This video contains two short demos and Night Walk is the first in the video.

The game is obviously very short, but it was an enjoyable experience, and it’s very interesting to see what can be done with the use of one button, pixels and sound design. While it’s not the most terrifying short game ever, it certainly achieves what it set out to do!

Here’s the video for those interested:


This game has so much potential it’s insane! The controls and sound design are outstanding, and it genuinely scares the s*%t out of me!

I played it for a YouTube video, and I urge you to download the game for yourself, and if you have the money spare throw some money at their kickstarter re-launch: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1430493167/pamali-indonesian-folklore-horror-video-game-relau?ref=9wsx7y

Here’s my play through for those interested:


Another very interesting horror experience by the people that made The Shape On The Ground (also fantastic). 

The subject matter is quite dark, but the game handles it well and sets a very creepy and uncomfortable vibe through notes, audio and set pieces. 

You should definitely check it out if you’re into a horror ATMOSPHERE done right.

Here’s my play through for those interested;


This game is extremely good. For a free indie horror game it really shows what can be done when a developer knows what they’re doing.

It has an interesting mechanic, multiple endings and a light lore that would be there for you work out

I look forward to playing more things by this creator.

Here’s my play through for those interested:


To be fair to this game, it has a lot of polish. The levels and enemy are stock assets that is true, but they could just be being used for a temporary fill. 

I’m not sure what the story is etc, but I hope something does come fo this demo.

Here’s my play through for anyone interested:


This is an extremely charming little platformer. Sadly mine crashed before I could reach the end (as can be seen in the video) but the prototype does come with a read me warning stating that this can happen, so I forgive it. Even with that I did really enjoy my time with it, and I will definitely be checking out the full release.

Here’s my play through for anyone interested:


This short little game gave me a good scare with the loudest books in existence. 

Here’s a video for those interested!


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The demo does have its merits. The jumpscare got me, I won’t lie. 

The toilet legs were a highlight, but I couldn’t find that silver amulet anywhere.

Here’s the video of my play through for any interested.


This is a very interesting game! I really loved the artwork used and idea of people having different opinions on what they see.

When I played I didn't realise the game had different endings, and I'm still not sure what my ending meant, but I guess that just adds to the mysteriousness of the game!

You should definitely check it out for yourself, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on this developer 

This was a really enjoyable and short experience! Since the game was made for a jam, it is quite short, but the quality of the overall experience is still very high!

Here's a video of my play through! :)

This game is a really enjoyable, short experience. 

I was expecting things to take a predictable turn part way through, but I'm glad it didn't go for the standard horror tropes.

I look forward to seeing more work by this developer!

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this game actually has a lot of promise and I will definitely be looking into the full release. 

It hits me as a combination of limbo (an obvious comparison for all dark 2D games now) and Fran Bow for the dual dimension mechanic. That’s not a bad conparrison either, it’s really enjoyable! 


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I played though this game for a YouTube video, and I have to say it was a good experience, especially for a small project. 

I didn’t quite understand what happens when it seemed like I was getting caught though? 


Dude, I played the game and the the one corridor the game is based in just seems to come to a dead end?

And instead of giving the player like 7 different weapons, how about some more ammo for things like the pistol?

I know you're on your own so you've got a lot to do by yourself but those are the two things that really annoyed me.