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Thanks. I'm considering making a full game.

Thanks! I will consider continuing development. There's a potential for a lot of game-play elements.


Thanks. I agree about the sounds. Can you recommend a good (preferably free) sound bank?

I like the particles. Controls are good. Your actions directly affect your temperature, so theme interpretation is spot on. 

Fun game. Had a few runs. Got to 39km. Controls were good, throwing mechanic felt satisfying.  However, most of the gameplay focuses on shooting birds and avoiding their cargo and not keeping the engine within optimal temp. range. 

I think the theme interpretation would be closer if the environment affected the engine temp directly, like birds throwing water on it or similar and focus the player more on keeping the temp, rather than avoiding the birds' cargo.

Took me a while to understand the controls. But, a very nice concept. It might help if the lines showed direction

Hey. Thanks for the comment. I must have forgotten to put it on full-screen. I was in a bit of a rush (not that it's an excuse) :)

I've updated the files. Should be fine now.

Thanks. Yes, one level is intentional. I didn't have the time.  Only had Saturday to develop, the rest of the weekend was busy with family events. Also, I focused more on code, rather than gameplay/ux

You're spot on! I wouldn't be surprised if that's a line from the book.

Definitely go thru the getting started series and the step by step thing. Took me around 10 hours to go thru the docs and afterward a roughly 4h to make my first game. 

Since Godot is open source - it will probably never have a fee.  Whether you should switch is entirely up to you. I would definitely suggest to at least give Godot a try (a week, maybe two) and see if you like the scene/node paradigm. Two years of Unity is enough to get to a point where something starts annoying you (e.g. we've been waiting for nested prefabs for years).  But, don't force yourself. I had good reasons and I don't regret doing it. Who knows, I might go back to Unity if professional (9 - 17h) work requires me to.


Yeah. I tried Unity when it was v 2.3 (mac only). The reason I switched was because my team switched projects and I ended up on Unreal. Having used Unreal for a while, I got the impression it is way too bloated and an overkill for most of the thing you want to do. Searching for free alternatives. 

I found Godot which blew me away with its scene/node paradigm. It's very light (barely 40MB). Took me around 10 hours to go thru the docs and about 4 hours to make my first game. The thing I like the most about it is that EVERYTHING is a scene (think unity PREFAB, NOT unity scene) and can be instantiated as a node (think unity gameObject) within another scene. Also, scenes can be inherited (unity prefabs can't) and you can nest scenes (can't nest prefabs without losing connection of nested prefabs). Another thing is that it supports 4 coding languages: VisualScript, GDScript, C# and C++.

Also, it's open-source and has no 'success fee' (like Unity's 100k or Epic's 5% cut).

Fair enough. Unity is a great engine, you will have tons of fun.

Awesome! Take a look at Godot Engine. It's completely free (open-source) and no royalty cut if you succeed. It also deals with some nuances that Unity has (moderately advanced stuff). Offers 4 languages (visual script, gdscript, C# and C++). Visual script is like blueprints in unreal. gdscript is their own dynamic language (much like python + javascript kinda thing), C# - well, no need to explain this and C++ - they call it GDNative. It's their own system that allows you to create custom nodes (base entity in godot) in C++ without recompiling the entire engine .

Thanks! Don't hesitate to ask if you need guidance. What engine have you been using so far?

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Hey there. I just recently joined and thought to stop by and pop a 'hello world'. I'm a game dev from Croatia. I've been using Unity for over 12 years. I'm currently exploring Godot Engine. I will be releasing a demo of my upcoming game soon (page is still a draft until i get some proper screenshots and gameplay video).

Sure brings out the chills. Fellow dev here. I just joined recently and was browsing thru the games. This one popped out nicely.