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the joysticks are because it's android game, atm it's set to use that layout, but will have a few different control layouts to pick from.
Jumping with the joysticks isn't working atm because I disabled it for the windows version,
I think the gameplay would be too fast paced to do swiping left/right to move.

There are more obstacles in the game than in the demo, including one you have to jump over and one you have to duck under.

I get what you mean about the obstacles being annoying / getting in the way of the camera, I've considered the same thing and will most likely make them fade to see-through once passed, but I don't get what you mean about the camera being wonky. 

Also, I just got collision working, I should be able to submit a version with working hp/collision/a game over screen before the end of DD.

As for the visuals, I'm not sure what to do with it.  I think it'd look a lot better if I went a more cartoony route instead of whatever it is now.


I liked it, fun/10.

I don't get it.  Very Simple. 

I like how it looks, could see it as being the base for some sort of mobile game,

Really fun / unique puzzle game. Great Job.

I'm happy I got to be in your games, and that your game is basically about eating other agdg devs. I ate all of the other devs.

How do you do these amazing things you do?
10/10 best game of the jam 2 jams in a row.

great game, 10/10 I could see it being extended to a full game and doing well.

Where can I buy a fridge like this?

Did you miss the deadline on purpose, knowing Viridian would let you submit it anyways? So Meta.

This game has encouraged me to raise my own dust bunny IRL. 10/10

Interesting Concept, not much to it. 


I really enjoyed it, good job.