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I love short stories)
And this one is even quite unusual))

Good game)
These tendrils ...
  Should I still add English?)

Thanks for the feedback. The game was created for the experiment. But everyone who wants me to make a full game out of this, put +

Move the cursor on the bottom of the screen and the button to go to the camera appears.

Close the door at the same time and turn on the light. Wait. Check if the scoundrel’s ear is through the camera)

What to do after tamed Rabbit? How to open new locations and monsters?
How to determine which date in the game?

How to catch a rabbit when it runs away all the time ?!

If you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen - a button appears on the camera

I like the game. Passed (probably) version 0.10. I downloaded version 0.11, which would play with the new Persians, but there everything has to be repeated. How do the results / save / achievements from the previous version move to the new one?

Can you clarify the reason?

Very good, thanks you) 

What happened? (

Hello. Thanks for the feedback! Answers to the questions: 1. yes this arcade game where you have to press the keys, because of its history, and it got such a name, in some way there is a joke here, on the phone version of the site - no animation background. But if there are still complaints about the background - we will fix it! In the game itself there is an instruction where you can find out the remaining information. Also in the game there are settings of the background, numbers, colors - for a more convenient game! Regards Vladik Pandarov's games!)))Have a good game!

Thanks for the tip)))

How much you score points ?!



very interesting in the structure of the game

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Hi guys ! I want to present you one of their games (the most successful in my opinion) -Five Nights at Vladik's demo, which released 200 days ago, during which time she managed to get 690 views and 130 downloads.

For now created only a demo version.This new game is a parody of the well-known game FNAF. BUT! Here you will see: a new location, the new animatronics, a new story, and more ...

You can download it here:

Five Nights at Vladik's DEMO

Thank you for attention!

  • Very cool game !!!!