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Thanks :D
Best animation I ever made in my life :D 
Hmm, really? Thanks for the feedback, I guess a better start would've been only a single color wall. THanks for the feedback

ohhhhh! i almost had it :D nice, thanks!

:D Thanks, glad you liked it! A fairly simple shader but worked like a charm 

Yeah, sounds reasonable! 

No don't drop it! you were suppose to change it! lol :D 

impressive :D very cool, turned out super good. This'll probably make it into top 20 this jam

:D glad to hear. Definitely best animation I ever made xDD

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Impressive :O How big is the team that worked on this?  Really curious how many artists and programmers it takes to change a light bulb, ahem... i mean make a game like this. 

Love how the main menu transitions into the game when you click start. Instantly gives the player feel for how the mouse is connected to the character.

A shame you submitted the wrong files :( Better luck next time bud :) 

Oh, that's pretty cool.
Conceptually it's similar to mine but execution is different, I lvoe the poppet feel of this. very cool! I think with some art work this could turn out quite pretty and lots of fun :) 

I really enjoy this type of games.

My suggestions would be - this game has no need for mouse controls. You could make this entirely keyboard controlled. i.e. - switching which part you're controlling with a tab on WASD control scheme. Separate with an E / F. So yeah, don't think mouse is necessary.

Otherwise, seemed pretty solid. Well done :D I had fun

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Quite fun. Very beautiful.

I like the concept of your shadow being a 2nd character. This was quite fun to play.

Difficult game, steep learning curve though. If you make a post jam version (which i think you should, this has a potential to be a full length game) should make the learning curve less steep and gradually introduce harder levels.

Nice though :D I had fun

Ohh. This is really interesting and cool use of the gamejam's theme, combined with pleasant to the eye graphics and nice mechanics. Very cool

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It certainly is a very good looking game.

The art is really awesome. Since each character only does 1 short idle animation you guys managed to make art for so many characters, really cool. 

Gameplay mechancally is very simple and straight forward. I enjoyed the beautiful art and simple gameplay. Well done
I think this would make a really fun little mobile game ;) 

p.s. 1 issue I had was that I couldn't scroll with my laptop's touchpad.

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You're crazy to use UE for a gamejam and I applaud your insanity :D

Very good looking game (if maybe a tad too heavy for my poor old laptop lol)

nice simple models and textures, looks really good, would've taken me all 48 hours without sleep just to model and put together the level let alone adding any kind of movement or anything else :D 

You'll finish the jam up next time, cheers 

Oh a bullet hell with a split up / merge together mechanics. That's pretty cool

Solid bullethell, if maybe just a tad too difficult with basically 0 learning curve, it's just instantly at hardest difficulty lol

But yeah, fun, pretty nice art too. 

This is pretty fun and good concept.

My only complaint is - when you have players select their action bar, make them look like buttons. I was really confused on how to select actions for my action bar. And the shoot action wasn't obvious at all.

But, the concept is fun and gameplay is fun.

I encountered a bug, I went to the timed block which would turn into an obstacle block, and then pushed it forward
but when the timer ran out, since i was standing in position where block originally was, I was no longer able to move in any direction.

Otherwise, that's the only bug I encountered.

Well done completing your first game.

unfortunately couldn't play this :( better luck next time, don't get disappointed, things like this happen.

That's right, no end :D you just come back in a loop to where you started, only end is if you run out of energy 

Oh dang did I really say "tab" to split up and not 'switch control' in text? my apologies Q_Q 

the progress bar on the teleport was set to have max value 2 (2 seconds)  but i changed the teleport timer to be 1 second at the very end so the bar always showed up half full and drain to empty lol
this is probably what you meant with it xD

I made the char collision round to make the character 'slide off' the edges under physics :D making it a little harder.
Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback. I'm considering fixing the bugs and collision issues (post teleport) for a post jam version, not sure if i'll have the time.

The merging together was simply distance based.
When you split, you would have to leave a certain area before you can merge, but after leaving it, coming back as soon as you were close to one another you'd merge back. I guess a better solution would make it a button press with a prompt to make it easier? I thought of it but didn't have time to add it.

This is a lot of fun, but quite difficult!
Really well made and far as I can tell, no bugs. 

Yesss! Shift was it? I felt the same way :D didn't even think of it until I had the core gameplay working then I was like- oh dang, I subconsciously made a game similar to shift lol That game was so much fun 

Thanks :D yeah i've been told the levels are confusing, sorry about that Q_Q something to address in post jam version I guess. 
Glad you liked it though

Awesome to hear such nice feedback. Thanks a lot for taking your time commenting :D 
yeah, I'm considering a post jam version after fixing the bugs and doing some neat level designs.

My apologies for making it a little too hard Q_Q 

Aye, the switching is a gradient shader changing alpha based on the current balance. Initially i thought of just having it become more dense as you run out of balance energy and just be the que for game over - can't see anymore, but then i played around with it some more and made it go full density, but then go in reverse, switching the color scheme and that looked really cool so i kept it 

Yeah, godot has a lot of really cool features, still learning it myself and finding new things and i've been using it for a year now lol 

Ah, fair enough :D 
Well this definitely turned out really fun. Should make a post jam version with more levels utilizing the freezing enemy mechanics some more. Would be cool

Looking forward to it

bugs always slip by :D this is really fun though, I wanna try get ting 10 :D 

that's totally understandable :D it's very solid, especially for a 24 hour entry lol. Good job, I had a ton of fun playing it. Looking forward to a post jam version with more levels

Sounds great :D looking forward to it haha, will try solving it myself today some more

totally agree that the movie is great but could've been a bit better if it ended slightly earlier.
but ha! i knew it made me think of Space Sweepers for a reason.
the grappling hook would be quite complex to implementation , the tractor beam is a great alternative. That action scene you're referring me to was so epic! also just realized the similarity between your enemy ships and the battle drones from movie :D

yeah your physics and movement really are nicely tuned. never managed to make smaller asteroids orbit me :o gonna need to try some more 

now that you explained it, the theme does make sense.

looking forward to seeing the updates :)
and cheers for being a fan of Space Sweepers :D 

The art is very... interesting I have to admit.

The gameplay confused me at first...and it still confuses me, but it's definitely unique.

Got my ass kicked about 50 times by now, so that's something, too bad it isn't keeping track of how many times I got my ass kicked lol 

Fun approach to the theme, teacher and student, school life and getting your ass beat by a teacher, yap... that's definitely things which are joined and come together haha

For others struggling - have to alternate left and right clicking on mouse to run faster lol.

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I see you like red buttons, I too happen to be quite fond of big red buttons :D
The wall sticking would occasionally stick me to the floor making me unable to jump lol

But, I quite enjoyed the changing gameplay and button pressing puzzles, fun implementation.

I also enjoyed the changing platforms based on which button is active

Fun stuff :D well done

Came here for space cakes, was not disappointed! and the cake was not a lie, very satisfied!

This is actually quite hard. Difficulty ramps up quickly.

Got stuck on lvl 6 :( will try again later, very cool. 
I think this would make for a fun mobile game.

Well done introducing the mechanics / movement with each new incremental level, like an interactive tutorial, worked out very nicely in my opinion.

Awesome game overall

loud SQUISH sound when entering through the nommy evil mouth looking gates confused me lol. Too loud of a sound but that's my only complaint 

I was a little confused when I unzipped the file, thought you just uploaded the source files not the game, but nope, Game_jam.exe is in there and working. (this is for other people who might miss it by unzipping the file and quickly glancing)

Controls are nice, level design is very good too, this was a lot of fun figuring out which way the red cousin will go, trying to keep him away from portal.

Wrote this in python? which library did you use? 

Is this the last level? cuz I always seem to get 'game over' when I get to this and jump into portal

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Wow you had time to add options? (Except music volume at 0% still plays music, just makes it a bit quieter lol)

The controls feel really good! I really liked it.

Just yesterday I watched a movie called "space sweepers", it's a South Korean movie, quite good u should watch it. Anyway, the movie is basically about people who work in space fly ships to collect scrap metal and space junk to sell it as salvage basically, and well, i imagine that's how it feels sometimes for them, flying through fields of space debris.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of gameplay and the nicely tuned controls. Really felt like a space game.

I also liked using the beam to maneuver myself around other asteroids.

Plays good, lots of fun, nice menu! 

only 1 thing i'm unsure about is, how does this fit in with the theme, could you explain? 

Game bugged out on death > start for me. Couldn't move or anything else.

Otherwise, very simple game but quite functional. (no falling through the floor or anything of that sorts) 

Very neat art I've to admit. With some more animations could've looked quite great honestly.

Love the pre-story before the game starts, I always like it when games include some lore.

Not going to lie, couldn't figure out how to get past the godzilla looking guy

ehey! Godot! Perfect choice for a game engine :D especially when starting out. I really like godot.

First of all, allow me to be the first to congratulate you on completion of your first ever game! Something to be proud of and feel good about! Good job, well done! And completing your first game project for a game jam with 48 hour limit no less! Good job!

Sound effects were a tad too loud (Especially dying sound) (in godot you can actually change the db (decibel) of sounds in the AudioStreamPlayer :P something to keep in  mind for the future

I liked the use of color gradient for gate access, needing to be a matching color to go through a gate, very cool idea!  How'd you do that in code? probably just a string check? like - color ="blue" and then on gate if color == "blue"?  or did you do something fancier? 

The use of freezing / unfreezing an enemy to make him into a stepping stone, very creative, really liked that

I really liked it, very fun mechanics. If you had more time could've used the enemy freezing / unfreezing in more creative ways, but this was good, fun

Managed to break the game a little :D 

I ran out of money just as I got pushed into a station by my tail so I made money and kept control but the 'you're stranded' message stayed lol

Man this was quite fun

It was like playing the old Snake game but with physics lol

Very nice physics, fitting sound effects and fun physic'sy gameplay made this very enjoyable

Most i managed is 7  D: 

i confirm. Exit button errors out saying I can't exit... :D