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Fun and simple.

Worth mentioning that on my first play through I got bad RNG and dind't get a single CP so ran out of jumps fast.

I wish the game would accelerate, similar to canabalt or google's 'offline' game

but overall, simple and enjoyable, especially to me who likes infinite runners :D 

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919 :D Easy!

Very cute and simple.

Worth pointing out that on my first play through, I didn't get a single CP so I ran out of jumps quickly

I wish the game would slowly speed up, like in canabalt.

I liked the art.
Who is the character? a pigeon??
Is collecting coins the right thing to do?

Man that was FUN! 
The game feels polished, sounds are simple but pleasant. Visuals are nice.

There's a total of 7 coins, and I got them all, but, you have to work for it ;)

1 tip i'll give to whoever is reading this, trust your slow speed... it'll come in handy ;)  

Alright. Thanks

just to confirm - would I be allowed to modify the spritesheets and use them in my game?

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Finally! A pack with non human characters with full set of animations INCLUDING a jump! yay!!
What's the License for this? Can you add license information to the product page / description?

If only the doggy had a jump animation :( 

if only the doggy had a jump animation i'd have bought this. :(