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Thank you for letting me know of this bug! If you close the game, and run it again, it should work.

This is a known bug, but thank you for confirming. It is fixed in the post jam version, but I will not post that here until after the rating is over.

Each enemy in my game has a weakness, the purple guy is mist, so you use wind on it.

Thanks :) <3

I think if you press K during dialog it puts you in an endless loop, but I am not sure.

This game is top tier, one of my favorites.

It looks very promising but I don't get how to get past the initial dialog screen, whatever option I choose sets me back to the message that my engine is broken, and then the introduction of Cortaxe. I tried space, k, enter, WASD, nothing works :(. Very nice use of shaders though.

Very nice shaders!

It's a very impressive game, I love the art.

Thank you! It is a funny video. I am glad you liked it!

Fair enough!

Haha, I had a good laugh. However I hope you are aware that in the pause menu you can give it a different subreddit to walk through? r/art is default, but there is no reason why you can't have a museum of kittens!