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That's a tough one! Not something I can put together quickly, anyway. Not sure if you can do a return here or not, but I'd be all for it. I hate to sell you something that doesn't work.

Awesome! Thanks! :)

It's been available here for a while but it's officially "released" now.

It's a single button thrust/shoot shooter. Supports up to eight simultaneous co-op or competitive players. It's fun! It's hard, but it has settings to let you make it not as hard so don't be scared. I like you.

I hope you like it.


Mmmmmmm someday.


I should really add some in game instructions. It's super simple really.

The umbrella does different things depending on where you stand.
TIP: Make a mental map of the action zones.

Did you get that "Bat Country" is an action zone?

Awesome! The "homework" was the best part. :D

Oh nice! Thanks!

Oh also I appreciated that you based the bounce angle from the paddle on the x position of the collision on the paddle. Very authentic and 100% correct IMO. :)

I never shy away from a break-out clone! :)

I love it. Brutally hard with the digital controls. I'd play forever if my mouse was emulating a paddle. But still great fun and I loved the monochrome look.

My memories of breakout and super breakout are mostly from playing mo my grandmother's black & white TV in the early 80's, so I was right at home! :)

Alright! You did it!

Loved it!

I added sound, animation and a few particles because..  why not? :)

Thanks! :)

Everyone's stuff is looking great. :)

I submitted mine early: https://itch.io/jam/highsight-1/rate/223401

I'd like to get sound and animation in, but I may not. I'm sick! :'(

Maybe it'll happen. Hope you like it!

I love it. Plaque Attack is classic!

Created a new topic What are YOU working on?

Here's mine! :)

Replied to tito76 in Meowst comments

Windows? Can do but it'll have to wait until the new year. Sorry. 

Yeah. Somebody said that. It wasn't true! :)

I am very happy to be here

I'm hung-up on finding a punishment-free way of solving it, but, yeah.... maybe! :)

Great feedback! I'm super worried about corner play being an optimal, but not-fun, strategy, so i'll be tuning against it.

The high score limit is definitely a bug.


Always good to hear this, as I'm not able to test this myself. Thanks!

Created a new topic Hello Kickstarter Backers

If you're reading this, you're probably brave enough to play this game before it's done! Cool!

Please let me know what you think,what you like, what you hate... whatever.

Thanks and welcome to the team!

I'm pretty sure I fixed it, but I can't confirm as the problem never existed on my home PC. :( If you have a chance to try it I'd love to know if it's good now. Thanks!

I'll take a look at that for sure. In the meantime, you can [alt][enter] out of fullscreen. Might help. Thanks for letting me know!