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What is the license for this? can I use this in my commercial game freely?

can i modify them too? i've got some game where i need them to have a heart attack.

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thank you for the wonderful assets! Those are some great books! What is the license for them? like cc0, cc1 so on...

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what is the license? I can use this game  in  any commercial project for completely free right? And If i wanted to credit you as mentioned above, i should use "Pop Shop Packs" in words? nice cats, just I will modify them a little for different color and different skin patterns in cats.

Really Great WORK! It's fantastic and just what was I looking for! What Is the license for them? Can i use them in my commercial game FREELY? They're animated in 4 directions that is even more cooler! I mean, would i be legally safe in using these assets right..... I would like to credit you, how should i credit you?

I can use this in commercial projects for free, without attribution or crediting you right? however, I want to credit you. how should I credit you?

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Thanks <3! and that remains the same for all the other free assets right? 

What is the license for this?

dont' spam on other's pages.

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Hi! Those are some really outstanding pixel art! Can I use this in a commercial project? This asset pack is so great, i might not need another one xd. I will credit you, but how should i credit you? should i put a link to this? or some other attribution name? And one more question. you have stated that "This asset pack is free until further notice" does that mean that this asset pack i used in my game will be unusable without buying? what is the license for this and can i happen like , i take the asset make my game, credit you, post it online, and suddenly it happens like "this asset pack is no longer free"? i mean, I would be legally safe or not....

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i want to use this project in my ancient game, can I? Is it free to use for commercial projects freely with no restrictions? is it open source? i mean just for using it, not for sharing

can i use this in my commercial game freely? I will credit you but I want to be sure that creding isn't required? i can use this asset in my commercial game as I want and edit them as I want? i am using a game engine to develop a game and these sprites look great for my game.

I am using it in my commerical game. Can it be used in any commercial game?I want to give credit to you, and I will, but is it usable without crediting you as well?

Thanks for the assets! i love it! just to confirm again, i can, use this in any commercial project right?

It is delayed

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Oh sorry! I didn't see it that! Silly me! 

Can you please write in the description that this asset pack is free to use for commercial projects? Is this asset pack free to use in commercial projects?

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Can you please write in the description - This asset pack is free to use for any commercial or non commercial projects. ? I use all assets which write this and that is kind of a license. Just for legal reasons.  

There are a lot of bugs. We can hit the enemies standing blocks below them without them even noticing for once. The enemies aren't powerful at all. We can kill them without even them hitting us if we hit continuously and the enemies are too easy. Parkour is the main health taker. The parkour is hard. it is more like a parkour game rather than an adventure.

Hi there! I am using this pixel art in a top down dungeon rpg. i can use it in any commercial project right? It's a big story game and i'll like to credit you as well! This art fits the animal i want! How should i credit your gf? (She made it right?)