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You can only use the starter content assets, anything else must be made by yourself.
Best of luck!

Hey guys, just wanted to clarify the situation with Mixamo. You cannot use the pre-made character from Mixamo, you can however make your own characters elsewhere such as maya, blender or even Adobe fuse and use Mixamo to rig/animate them :)

Best of luck guys!

You sure can, you can work remotely with a team or by yourself and submit it directly on
If you need to find a team, checkout our page on crowdforge:

The storyline was great, really followed the time related theme. The art style was simple yet clean however the bit that got me the most was the sheer amount of content and story for the player to go through. It was a bit hard to keep track of where you where going while being teleported around space time although it was definitely keeping me on my toes.

On a couple of occasions my character fell backwards but other than that this was a great entry to the game jam!

I loved the time slow down mechanic when jumping/falling, it made me focus in on the target and want to just wipe them out. I sometimes had difficulty aiming with the hand feeling heavy to move although wasn't too much of an issue.

The small map realy added pressure which was great, making me think of ways to avoid enemies by jumping up/over obstacles and getting those solid shots in using the slow down time mechanic.

Overall a great submission!

This is a brilliant game, I really enjoyed it. The neon art style looked great and the gameplay was smooth and re-playable. I agree with Azules's comment, you should definitely implement a hit counter so you know how many hits you've taken. 

Overall, a really great game, I fell in love with the way you linked time into the projectiles!