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Virtual Islander

A member registered Jun 12, 2018

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I'm going to keep playing this game because I ended up being surprisingly entertained by it. I was expecting a basic, cheesy maintenance game and that's exactly what I got. It was just satisfying. My only complaint is that it takes so long to get into, I feel like you might loose some of the players interest before it really gets fun. Consider adding in an option to fast forward time, or make the first level up faster to achieve. 

This was one of the coolest but weirdest experiences i've ever had. Really good job! The visuals and audio and general playability were all spot on. 

This is a stupidly good game for a graduation piece. Honestly, I loved it and couldn't really find a fault with it. Fantastic job!

This could end up making a really great game. I think the lack of the voice actors did hinder the demo a bit, but the concept of the game is really cool and its being carried out very nicely. I really hope it gets finished soon. 

This game was really pretty and I enjoyed the story in the background. My game crashed after trying to open the settings but it ran very smoothly after that. I think the use of music could be a bit better though, just to help it feel more immersive and be a bit smoother.

This game was like a weird drug trip, but its was really cool. The style was nice and the voices of the characters fit in really well. There were a lot of quality choices made in the development of this game, and I really enjoyed it. 

This game was so well made. One or two silly bugs like the rain coming through the window and your character randomly moving on its own at one point, but the rest was lovely. I thought the jump scares were done really well too.

Ignoring the obvious issues with the game, I really enjoyed it. The story was good and the voice acting was funny (whether intended to be or not), and the fighting, though a little messy, was easy enough to work with. The only issues I really think need work are that although you can use the surroundings to your advantage, it wasn't conveyed well enough in game to really use well, and the repartee move cant be used out of combat, or during speech, which is a must for healing.  Overall this is a fun, entertaining game that I would probably buy as a full length game if it was lengthened and polished a lot.

For something so short, you really managed to get the feeling across in this game. The textures and general design of the game was very well done, and created a very creepy atmosphere. All round good game, you could easily expand on this to make a longer even better game one day.

I played this after seeing The Fringe play it, and wanted to see the end. I was disappointed that there wasn't much more after where i'd already seen because I was enjoying it, but had I not already seen most of it I would have been very happy with it's length. The concept was really cool and it played nicely. Really liked the music too :) I ran into a bug which made me replay from the start but it was still worth it.

This game has a lot more to it then you might originally expect. What I love most is that you get to see it from both girls perspectives, something that you don't often see done, and certainly not very well. It only takes about an hour to play through, but in such a short time you get a really in depth knowledge of the characters and their stories. Personally I think there is more to their relationship then meets the eye (a little bit of a woman on woman crush going on there) but its left up to you to determine what you want to see. 

Had an issue with the game not initiating the ending dialogue and therefore not finishing, but ignoring that it was a pretty fun little game. 

Played this Demo a few days ago and was so surprised by the quality of it. Amazing game, can't wait to see where it goes and how the story will develop.