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Damn, this is cool! It reminds me so much of a studio Ghibli film, especially spirited away. It's really fun to see all the different landscapes, and monsters pass by as you're sitting, staring out of the window. This game could definitely use some music in the future, that would be an awesome addition, I think. I loved the artstyle, and the creative vibes that this world gave me!

Thanks for the feedback! I think the controller haptics would be a great idea! Sad to hear that you got lost, but I must admit it can be quite tough to hear the fire sometimes! This game is more of an experiment, but I do think that we can create really high quality games for people with impaired vision, with a system like this, or something similar, but much better :P

Hey, thanks so much for checking my game out and giving feedback, it's really good to hear. I've never heard of gdwc, but it looks like a really interesting concept! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the reminder :)

Hey, it's you from the amazing ludum dare game! Thanks so much for checking this out, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, you need to have patience, but it's way too easy to get trigger happy and just miss holes ;) Thanks for all the compliments <3

Incredibly hard, but amazing gameplay. The visuals are also something I wouldn't expect from a gamejam! Everything just works really well! I couldn't get much further than 200m to be honest, because my chimp kept flipping somewhere along the way, haha. Great entry! I hope more people will get to play this, it's really fun. The only feedback I have is that you could give us a bit more leeway in the paddling, because having to click constantly can get quite tiring after a few runs. Anyway, good job on finishing this game!

Holy crap man, you actually did it! 1,5 hours of dedication. You're the man! I can't thank you enough for making this video, it points out so many great and less great things about the game; it's really going to help me when I'm rebuilding this game for mobile!

First off, the most obvious 'weirdness': the timer. Sigh, this is totally on me ':) I coded the timer myself, and made the end-screen UI so that it reads the timer once it pops up.. This was totally fine, until last minute I decided to make a little UI-fadein-animation that essentially delays EVERYONES time by the duration of that animation. I totally forgot to stop the timer the moment you finished lvl 20. Crap, hehe! (easy fix though, thx!)

As for the other bugs: I've seen all of these during development, but they were rare enough for me to ignore them for the jam, haha. They honestly all have to do with me cutting a looot of corners to finish this for jam purposes. I'll attach an image of the avatar-hitbox so you can see how wacky the collisions are ;-) Hopefully that explains a lot. I definitely need to find ways to make this system robust in further versions of the game!

Thank you so much for playing, and pointing out a lot of bugs. I'm glad you had a great time, and you're in-game time reflects that! (I could never be as fast as you, lol)

Thanks!! Little tricks that you learn over time help a lot :) glad you liked it. 

I'm glad to hear you had fun! At first I wanted to make the whole game purely black and white, but then I still opted for red accents. Happy to hear it worked :) 

Yeah, that is very weird indeed. I've heard nothing like this from other people. I'm sorry! Might be a little web-gl bug or something? I've had problems with that before. Hope it's not too common!

That's cool, designing puzzles is one of the hardest things... ever ;) So keep going and you'll automatically become better. You could definitely work on this more, that'd be cool. Make it like a mobile game, like snakebird!

Ah, damn. I knew there was more to those dead ends... But I walked from side to side, and it seemed that every side had mirrors on it... (with the emphasis on seemed) Yeah, a lower resolution would have definitely helped!

Thanks for playing! That's a pretty good time too! 

You guys did an amazing job with this game. From the cute art, to the amazing animations, solid code, very adorable audio, and good level design! I really like puzzle games, so this idea of having multiple characters with different abilities really spoke to me. Here's some feedback: The first x-amount of levels are relatively easy compared to the last two. It might have been a bit better to gradually move the difficulty curve up. (This might be me but,) I keep pressing the spacebar to jump, because I'm so used to it. It might be a good idea to bind the character switching, and the special abilities to a different button, or even the mouse (left click is cycle, right is special ability e.g.) Anyway, you guys did a really good job. I especially liked the water element guys, haha.

Oh dude I really liked the concept/idea of this game! How is this your first game? ;) Like someone else's comment said, I'm also getting stanley parable vibes, and I'm loving it. It sucks that I got stuck in a dead-end loop, but that's part of life sometimes, hehe. What would have been an extremely awesome addition to the game would be narration! Maybe something for the future. The game also (like you said) lagged quite a bit, even though I've got a pretty powerful PC. No biggy, for a jam game though. Another piece of feedback: I would try to make the walking a bit smoother. At the moment you have to hold forward for a bit before it really starts moving, I've noticed. Anyway, good job, I liked it!

:O That's insane! Good job!

Yeyy :D

Oh no, that's not right. How does the itch page look on your screen? Does the game-loader square fit on your screen at all, or is the size just not right?

Damn man, that's the lowest time yet. Amazeballs! Can't wait for the video :) Hope you enjoyed!

Yeah, that was half accidental and half intentional, but it's good to hear it works :D The earlier levels are easy enough that you can blaze through them, but from around ~12 it gets a bit more tough. I should know, I suck at my own game very badly, haha. Good to hear you enjoyed it!! thanks!

That's so good to hear, thank you for trying it out! Believe it or not, the sound effects originate from the sound of a closing door ;)

Thanks so much for playing and the kind words!! It's really great to hear that ^^

Damn... That's the first thing that crossed my mind when I played this. How can this be so extremely polished AND have this many levels? I think you did an amazing job :) The levels feel somewhat eazy, but fair, which makes the puzzles quite enjoyable and relaxing (and not too frustrating, which is great.) I love puzzle games, so this was right up my alley. Thanks for making this! I hope a lot of other people are going to enjoy this gem!

Love this game! I'm really into puzzle games, and so this fits right in. I like that in the beginning you've got all the time to think, and then all of a sudden you have to start strategically thinking really fast because there are bombs everywhere. Although I feel that some levels are a bit too fast (difficulty could ramp a bit slower), I really liked it. Good job!

Love it! The mountains look super gorgeous and peaceful, it actually reminds me a lot of Alto's adventure, if you guys know that? My feedback would be that I would like a way to restart the game when I land on my head, because at the moment I think I can only do that be completely restarting the game? Anyway, good job!!

Thaaaanks for playing!! That's amazing! I love you guys <33 Hope you guys finish in time :)

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Loved the concept! This totally feels like that weird period where you aren't sure whether you are awake, or still slightly sleeping. I like that every hallway is like a sort of minigame, really creative. It's real tough to beat, but totally worth it. You nailed it on atmosphere! Other than that I really liked the art (really nice use of other people's screenshots too), and the effects/animations were awesome as well. Goood job man, you can be proud!

Hey there, good job on finishing a game for this jam :) I quite like the concept, but it can also be quite dizzying if the player keeps spinning the same way around, haha. Also some feedback: I would make the left/right movement 'hold to move' instead of 'press once to keep moving'. This way people have a bit more control, and they're usually used to it, since it's a first-person perspective. I liked the way the scenery changed after a while, it made for quite a dreamy atmosphere with all the huge trees and mountains and I LOVED THE BLENDER MONKEY FACE :D Also: For some reason ducking with 's' is broken (wont stick if you hold it), but it isn't broken when using down arrow. Anyway, I hope you find something useful in my feedback, good job on making a game!

I love this man xD I did win, but it took me a while. Those damn red bits keep screwing me over. The questions were genius, although I wished there were more of them. I loved the humor, and the winners dance at the end. Good entry!

This is actually a really cool game concept man! Good job. Once you get the hang of it, it gets a bit easier, but it's still really trippy. I really like that the simplicity of adding two gameplay elements together made a really interesting (and difficult) mechanic! I do think that the spawning of the balls could be a bit more predictable. I sometimes felt like they spawned right in front of me. Maybe have them do no damage in the first second or so, (when they're 'charging up' for example), it's just an idea. Fun game.

Thank you for playing! So many people are saying this should be ported to mobile. Maybe when I got time next week... ;)

Yes! That's awesome. It's pretty easy, isn't it? :) Thanks so much for playing and giving feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

Hey thanks for your feedback! Checkpoints currently aren't in, but are a great idea. In total there are 20 levels to beat, so it is possible in one run ;) Glad you enjoyed! 


Thanks so much for the feedback! Yes, that is a great time. My own time was 1:40.47, haha. Thanks for checking it out! 

Haha, I'm glad I succeeded in creating an addiction ;) Thank you for the feedback and the kind words. (I might port the game to mobile, who knows ^^)

Aww thanks!!

Thanks mister hippo dude! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3 Porting wouldn't be too hard, so I might do that in the future! Glad you enjoyed.

Don't forget to post your best times!

Thanks so much for the feedback!! Yeah I did the sounds at 2 Am before the deadline haha. I agree on the points with perspective, but you made it in the end right? :D