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Yeah I think I know what causes this bug. I just misused delta time once in movement code and it broke speed change. Thanks for feedback anyway!

Thanks for your feedback!


Hey... that's strange, because physics SHOULD run frame independently. I didn't get a chance to test it on a high refresh rate monitor (vsync is enabled) though. Also higher framerate should mean physics are faster and not slower.

Thanks for your feedback!

You probably have outdated drivers.

Heey! Thanks for playing the game. I'm glad you like it.

Hi! Thanks for feedback. I was hoping that first level would more or less explain the mechanic, but appearently it wasn't enough..

I really like the idea, I'm not sure how it fits the theme though. Also it became boring, but I thought there might be a suprising ending or something, so I kept playing. It was quite disappointing at the end. Visuals and sounds are great though!

Can you also try out my game?

I liked the idea. I had bunch of fun playing this, but it wasn't challenging enough I believe. If you expand on this game, I would make it harder. Also I believe pixelart doesn't fit this game.

Can you try out my game aswell?

I can't play the game...

Can you rate my game though?

Nice game! It was really fun experience

Can you try out my game too?

Nice game! Very original idea... I'm not sure where does it end though.. I was looking for something to interact with for a while, but I was lost. Was it the end of the game? I don't know

Can you check my game aswell?

Love the idea, it fits topic really well and is really creative! I really liked the visuals. Sound design could be improved upon though... Good job overall!

Can you check out my game aswell?

I really loved the sound design and music. Graphics was also nice. Gameplay was sometimes quite frustrating, though. Overall it's really nice game!

Can you play our game aswell?

Hard, but fun!

Can you check out our game aswell?

I really enjoyed this experience. Game has really original risk and reward system, I like it! I also enjoyed the tank movement, though sometimes it was a bit confusing. Sounds are very satisfying. Good job!
Would you like to play my game: Death N' Swap aswell?

Graphics are nice, though could be more detailed. I really loved the animations. Music is great, but after a while starts being annoying and repetetive. Overall game was a fun experience!

Would you like to try out our game aswell?

I actually realised I can change the build without any permissions... nevermind

My game was submitted before the deadline, but a lot of people had technical issues (game didn't start or crashed after start) with it. I now tracked down these issues and I would like to replace old, faulty build with new build. I didn't add or tweak any features.

Could I please somehow do that? I've heard that porting is allowed after deadline, so I hope this is also allowed.


My discord is Vironaaaa#3862 if you need to contact me.

We're working on fixing the issue, soon you'll be able to play the game.

We're working on fixing the issue, soon you'll be able to play the game.

Glad you like the game! Just like Markositta said, we had no time to finish that, we know it's a bit annoying :P. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for reply! Yeah I think it was a camera issue... camera movement is a big part of platformer games indeed.

Thanks for your feedback! There are some issues with spawning... try near the floor, where more fishes spawn. Kelp at the bottom being small is not a bug. I could remove it but I kinda liked look of it.

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Yeah I know. I didn't have time to fix it unfortunately. Same with tutorial. Thanks for your feedback!

Game was made without engine with OpenGL and as it's no longer industry standard it can have strange behaviors on some devices (from what I know). Nobody had problems with rendering before. Next time I'll probably go with Vulkan and have more testers. Anyway, thanks for feedback! I'm glad you liked the game afterall.

I said that minimized is broken on itch page, but it's completly reasonable to not read that :). I forgot to remove these error messages, but I don't think they change much.

1. Yeah there was no enough time for the tutorial. A lot of people tell that. :)

2. It was intentional. It also moves camera a bit.

Thanks for feedback!

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Well apparently it's a bug, but I have no idea how is it caused. If there was no fish game should insta win you, so probably they're just somewhere else. Try replaying the level. I guess it might be some bug in enemy spawning. :P (which isn't good even without bugs)

More fishes spawn in lower layers (i.e. floor). It's worth spending a while here looking for food. In top layers there's less fish. I didn't have time to make a tutorial so it isn't told anywhere except game desc on itch, but not everyone reads that. Unless there's REALLY no fish. Then it's a bug.

Yeah I know it's supposed to tell a story. It just didn't feel really clear why do certain things happen.

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I agree with all the points here. There's many issues with the game.

Yeah puffer fishes slow you down. Closer you are to them, slower you are. EDIT: I think it's quite intuitive, tho maybe not. I didn't have enough time to make proper tutorial.

Fishes spawn above seafloor. Especially in level 5. But seafloor is hub to more fishes. Also before you reach top of aquarium most of fishes there get eaten up so you mostly see bigger fishes and it was planned. Good point though, I could add something to do in upper part of aquarium.

Yeah, because my input polling is very primitive. The simpliest solution would be moving button a bit lower but I didn't do it for.. some reason. I don't remember why. Probably I just forgot

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah I just ran out of time to do that. I wanted to test if game runs and clean up code from possible bugs. Thanks for feedback! Music and art weren't made by me, but by my teammates: N_Knight and Markositta so all credit goes to them. 

ok, thanks

Well, he should have sent the godot .exe because I don't have it. I have already moved all games that i downloaded into recycle bin. I can restore them, but that's an inconvenience. Download should contain everything needed for the game.

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Ok I know what's happening. Your drivers are outdated and do not support OpenGL 4.5. You could try updating the drivers if you want to :P. Error code "c0000005" is acces violation. It means that your program tried to modify memory that's protected by OS. It looks like OpenGL functions weren't loaded so they're set to 0 by default. :( (and 0 is a protected memory adress)

Can you tell what error is it? I might be able to help you

That's quite strange, because I'm sure that unity uses either vulkan or dx12 and godot uses vulkan. And these are new apis. I'm using OpenGL 4.5 in this jam. It released somewhere in 2016. No idea :(

It looks like your graphics drivers are outdated... or other error occured

Yeah true it would feel so much more intuitive. If you plan on expanding (and I think that game is worth expanding) the game add that.