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Ah. Then I must be missremembering. My apologies.

I'm refering to this scene with part of my post: 

Bf is taking you to an abandoned warehouse 

    'Choose' Oh!. 

When both of you are cornered by police, choose to reject him 1st Illustration

Which I experienced in my play through, if there was an option to opt out of the sex scene that ensues, I defintely missed it.

(Not sure if it makes a difference that I'm playing as the Flirt MC?)

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Maxing out the stats reccommended to each build gets you bad endings on Normal and some really dubiously consenting uncomfortable sex (in the bad boy route at least). Those with triggers for dub con should steer clear of this game. One of the bad boy cgs is rewarded for rejecting him and then being coerced into sex (and there's no option not to be coerced). I've gotten three bad endings so far and haven't figured out how to get good ones yet. I don't know if I'll be playing long enough to find out. The fact that there's sex at all when the game thinks that I'm failing and it's not makeup sex or even treated as a positive is super offputting.

I don't know if I will be playing the other routes.

This is super disappointing, as I pre-ordered this game and was looking forward to the 1.3 update hoping that it would fix a time when I felt kink shamed (breathplay) by the writing of the flirt route.
As it turns out, this game is more punishing than I anticipated and not in a good way.

Edit for clarity: Dub con is a kink of mine, when I have the option to opt in. The scenes which happen when your relationship is going badly are uncomfortable regardless of consent.

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When Ioad up the game page in the app there's a purchase button with a price listed - that then leads nowhere -  which makes sense if the game's not ready for purchase yet! Odd that the button is there. 

Hi, I'm trying to purchase this and the purchase page is giving me a 404, is this intentional?

Sounds good, thank you!

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For a non Rika related note, I wanted to ask if it's strictly necessary to have all the text referring to Maxine's body type as a negative thing in the beginning of the game? It seems inconsequential to the game as a whole and only serves to drive home, intentionally or not, that the main reason Kayla forgets she exists is because she's not attracted to Maxine's body type. This could be alienating to players who aren't skinny themselves, who should be given the chance to find this game just as much a positive escape as anyone else. This especially stands out because Kayla makes no other comments about anyone else's appearance except for being attracted to their bodies. Since Kayla is into Evie, and this part doesn't really add anything, seems like it might be better to just take the stuff about Maxine's figure out. That's my feedback, thanks for your time!

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Great, thank you so much!

This is a more minor note, but I would also caution against referring to her as an "exotic fruit" in the sex scene as it would be very easy to take this the wrong way and referring to non white people as exotic can be othering  and uncomfortable.

I appreciate it, thank you!

Because Asian is general, implies no difference between the many different peoples from Asia, and implies that we are all the same . It's like saying  Latin or Caucasian instead of bothering to find out what country someone's from. Also, saying it all the time implies that there's nothing else noteworthy about her and is reductive at best and fetishistic at worst. Like saying a white guy does things whitely all the time instead of letting him do things because he's himself .

I understand it might be a creative choice because Kayla's not exactly supposed to be worldly, but I just wanted to mention, that as a Japanese american woman myself, it kind of makes me uncomfortable that Kayla keeps refering to Rika as "Asian".

Heads up, your windows exe contains a TrojanMalpack

Does this have a fixed protag? Can we play as a woman?

Hi! Trying to download this with the app and it says not available on windows?

Sweet! It works. Thank you!

Hi! I've just started playing, and I wanted to let you know I think you should add trigger warnings for parental abuse and suicidal thoughts to the game info page, as well as warnings for anything else that touches on that subject. I was able to take it in stride tonight, but I know people, myself included, who on worse nights would have adversely affected by those scenes without a warning. Anyway, thanks for your time!

Hi, just wanted to let you know the app won't download this because it says it's not available for windows? even though I can see you have a demo for pc right there