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Virento Voshe

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Hey thanks for that, yes I've already updated that but I haven't uploaded it yet as I will be in the future. Because I don't want to update every little changes I make so yeah. Be sure to check it out in the future though. Let me know if you have any suggestions :D

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Haha, thanks! First time my game gets played by some one on YouTube. Yeah that was his wife that died.... :D thanks for playing!

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I more or less agree!

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Hey Zayach, yeah this was me attempting to get started at pico-8. Um about the theme, the host said it can be expand so I thought well, not everything can be in union or harmonized together, thus the game line in line comes in. (This is just perhaps a figurative statement, I was following a tutorial). Glad you like it though.

Wow man, I used to feel slightly paranoid too but after knowing that nothing is certain. (i.e uncertainty principle. Science!) I got over a lot of my internal unhelpful beliefs since then. I hope you feel less paranoid nowadays. still, I think you put in a lot of effort into this game. I've been working on a game alone for quite a while and the workload, yeah, I sure as hell want to recruit talented people in the future, though I can't afford to pay them much(probably none at all), but let me know if you're interested. I do game maker studio 1, don't have money to buy 2. but anyhow great artwork.

 Great game, i have no idea how you do the eye blinking thing. and animations. is this based on a true story cause it sure as hell feels like some deep stuff.

I fixed a few bugs, though this game might have more, let me know if there's anything I should fix. Feedback is always welcome.

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damn, very well made dude. to be honest I thought it was gonna be something light.

note: it took me a while to find back where I left the comment, I'm not sure if you can see it but I recently found out, that you can enable the comment below the game project. You can edit the game and enable it :).