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Thanks for the detailed reply and all your work you put in this platform! Since you've asked for some ideas:

  • purple - $5 a month for a purple name, purple border around your profile pic and a good feeling ;)
  • sourceforge seems to be successfull in keeping misleading ads of their download pages, maybe they have some infos on how to achieve this
  • awards - you can award games with special badges for gamefeel, funny story, etc, awards cost $2-$10 and revenue will be split with creator
    • probably needs some kind of coins that you can exchange for awards because of transaction costs
    • creator can opt out of awards, award categories?
    • reddit could be of inspiration here

I also get the ads on my Arch Linux Notebook so I'm pretty sure my PC is not infected. HTTPS cert is signed by Sectigo so I think it's also not MITM by my ISP:

This tweet lead me to researching this topic, so there are at least two persons witnessing ads on itch:

1) use browser thats not logged into

2) ensure browser has no adblock installed / tracking protection enabled

3) go to

4) click on download now

5) click on No thanks, ...

6) click on download

7) Wait a second for the ad to load on the post download pop up

Hi - Team,

Whats the reasoning behind showing ads on our download pages? If you need money I'm sure many creators would support you with some dollars per month just for the great services you provide.

The topic already came up last year, but the thread was archived without a conclusive reply.

Could you please upload the mono build too?

Just had this happen too me to.

Linux build would be awesome.

thanks dude!

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EDIT: Had to upgrade to love 0.10.2, I'm able to run it now :)

linux build would be awesome ;) It crashes before the menu when I run love BLASTFLOCK.exe :D

Would love to play this game, but there is no linux version :(