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Drop The King

Hello friends, this is my new game! This game is in alpha stage, but you can play it's html5 version right now. I am working hard to create more levels and fix some bugs, so, I will be posting new releases as soon as possible. Thank you!

Very nice my friend ! This tiles looks awesome !

Hello friend, I tryed the game again and not worked yet. I made a video for you so you can see what is happening.

The  game switch to full screen and display a title screen and starts playing a music. Dont show any menu just the name of the game, the version and the music playing.

Hello friend, tryed to play your game but its hangs in the title screen and loop playing the music. I tryed all keys in my keyboard, mouse and even a XBox controller to start the game but... I am running windows 7 with a pretty fast computer

Loved the pixel art! Waiting for your next games!

Very interesting it is like a iterative book!

Very nice graphics! I keep dying a lot hehehhe, Waiting for the sounds !

Thank you my friend,  today I released a new version with a lot of improvments, take a look  :-)

A simple particle editor for Game Maker Studio