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Thank you everyone that has played and reviwed my game. This was the first JAM I joined here in and finished my game. You guys are superb!

Thank you Programancer, I know the quality of your creations!  I am very happy with the compliment coming from you!

Thank you mate, you deserve all our respect, and I wish to help you with your project. After the pandimc time ends, I will. 

Very nice assets fellow! Hope to see ore like that, if I make money with it I will  share with you lol :-)

I hope to see more of yours JAMs, thank you!

Hello felow, sudenlly all my html5 games topped  to work. Do you have any clue about that ?

Tryed to play, I dont know why not running... I will try again late :-)

Hey mate, thank you a lot for rating my game, and you're right, I based this game in the Atari 2600 Missile Command!

Very nice Sophie, I would participate but my english is not that good, but I hope to see the histories ppl will tell :-)

Weird, I will see, what can be wrong, wait a minute pls

Pitfall ? lol In pico 8 we make everything inlcuding the sound, but the death sound was very similar to the Pitfall :-)

lol, I made the sound but yes, sound very like Pitfall :-)

Cant send screen shoots too,

Muito bem feito o jogo, parabéns!

Hello! Do you know if exists any ad monetization in ? If not, what do you  recommend ? Thank you!

Will you be able to Drop The King ?  Your mission is to put the king's nose to the floor. You have at your disposal an wood blessed bow, wich can put down even walls! Be awere with the limited number of rows. Good luck!

This game wors well in mobile as well in desktop!

Drop The King

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Problem solved! Thank you for trying to help me. Now every game runs on mobile screen and desktop.

Hello friends, I have a game that works in HTML 5 and play perfectly in the browser and almost perfecet in the mobile browser.  But when playing in the mobile the upper part of screen dont show and the game appears cutted, but if I export it to APK works perfectly. The are any HTML5 screen size limitations ? 

Thanks a lot for doing that fellow ! These are  a really simple games but, you know a like them :-)

Thank you a lot !

Hello dear friends, I just released a new game, Girofender. This is a simple game wich uses just one button. Please fell free to play and share.  Android version will be released soon. Thank you a lot !

Dear friends game makers! How do you do to set the focus of you HTML5 game when the player just come to your game page ?  I know some players that dont know they need to click on the game. And even if I select "Auto execute" button then game doesnst auto execute. Thanks for the future replyes!

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Drop The King

Hello friends, this is my new game! This game is in alpha stage, but you can play it's html5 version right now. I am working hard to create more levels and fix some bugs, so, I will be posting new releases as soon as possible. Thank you!

Very nice my friend ! This tiles looks awesome !

Hello friend, I tryed the game again and not worked yet. I made a video for you so you can see what is happening.

The  game switch to full screen and display a title screen and starts playing a music. Dont show any menu just the name of the game, the version and the music playing.

Hello friend, tryed to play your game but its hangs in the title screen and loop playing the music. I tryed all keys in my keyboard, mouse and even a XBox controller to start the game but... I am running windows 7 with a pretty fast computer

Loved the pixel art! Waiting for your next games!

Very interesting it is like a iterative book!

Very nice graphics! I keep dying a lot hehehhe, Waiting for the sounds !

Thank you my friend,  today I released a new version with a lot of improvments, take a look  :-)

A simple particle editor for Game Maker Studio