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Thank you so much for putting this in the bundle!! I've been a huge fan of this series for 5 years and was pleasantly surprised to find the complete story in there!! I've been saving up to get this for months aaaa and now I can finally play it <3


i'm not gonna give you a virus lol

thank you!

dell is windows;;

im only able to make it available for windows, mac, and linux

you'll need to find someone who sells them

its only for computer, sorry

'i despise you'

Thank you!!

it's a short tune i made myself!

i currently have no desire to let the player romance akano, because a romantic ending with him can be seen as very problematic. if i did make a second game, it would probably need to be a prequel as opposed to a sequel so that alva wouldn't be in it. certain things happen in my story that prevent akano from getting a girlfriend after he and alva split ;)

canonically it's only girls, but this game is designed so that the player can be whichever gender :)

thank you!! there's a link to a walkthrough on the game page :))

that is Alva, Akano's girlfriend :)

blood ^^

nope, he's just a human! and i haven't decided on a sequel yet, it's a possibiity!

Only for computers, sorry!

My friend's OC

thank you so much! <3

He doesn't have one :)

when this game takes place, Alva is Akano's girlfriend. however in present time they are no longer together and Alva is married to someone else :)

As far as I'm aware, RenPy does not allow that. Regardless, it's easy to type something on your keyboard and see that what you typed shows up onto the screen. Sorry!

It has come to my attention that apparently a "pink line" appearing on the screen is a common problem which prevents gameplay (lol). The previous message explains that you enter your name on a guestlist, so please just type your name and press Enter. You can now continue.


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I figured it was obvious because the previous line says that you "sign your name on the guestlist" or something similar. Sorry if this was not obvious to you. :(

ah unfortunately i probably won't be doing that! it can be seen as problematic (stockholm) and also he has a gf!!

thank you!!

A lot of people seem to be having this problem recently, and i'm not sure why :( I can only assume that for some reason the game just isn't compatible with your computer, sorry!!

then i'm afraid im not sure :( i believe the game is x64 bit so maybe it's just not compatible??

wow tysm!!

Then don't

You seem to be the only person having this problem, this game only works for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Make sure you have the correct version

No, sorry

An old OC, I just drew her for fun and she isn't actually related to Akano in any way

ah i don't make characters for people, but thank you very much!!

Aww tysm!! <3

oh my this is hilarious thank you <3

he's a cutie <3