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You're welcome.

If there were keys to swap between any of the states it would be a lot easier to play. It's fun watching the bugs split.

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Now I'm curious, is it a clubbell? (that's the size of a fat baseball-bat)

Alright, makes sense. How about "Age: Child?" since he doesn't know himself?

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Oh yeah let me just face giant rats with a bell. (they do 0 damage though)

Also, rookie villain mistake: Letting someone gain experience by fighting weak enemies.

PS: "Age: Child", funny but come on. I get it, it's a Child, why even mention Age?

Nice. The game is relatively hard since Space swaps between 3 states.

It's okay, life does that. Hope you get well soon!

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Maybe you should translate that, not everyone is going to understand it.

Wait, over 1 Gb, yikes!

Nice. You should make a CHANGELOG from day one or you'll forget.

If you use Version Control (like git) the Commit Messages can help but it's not as good as having an actual CHANGELOG.

Cool test, and the engine works great.

Warning: It's Danmakufu, not Danmaku (first result I got on a search engine). After playing it it was clear that it had something to do with Touhou.

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Thanks for reviewing. I had several ideas for this game, just check its GitLab page.

Oh, the short levels was on purpose to see the Warp in action. There is a "level" variable that specifies how many and how strong the enemies can be which starts at 1 now so you'll see one tiny enemy and it increases slowly. The original game started and increased this by 10 and you hardly ever got to see the shop (after 10 levels). Plenty of stuff to balance out.

The enemies avoiding the center was an unintended side-effect of using the 0.8.5 version. I don't know what I did there.

Rekindle Jam community · Created a new topic Star Juggler
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Rule #3: "Before the jam, write down a goal - something small you'd like to finish this weekend. This can be anywhere from one word, to a detailed plan."

Alright, I've been putting off working on Star Juggler for quite a while and had version 0.8.5 laying around since 2018. This Jam is a perfect opportunity to do so and  my goal will be to add the features I was testing:

  • Warp animations (used when moving between levels)
  • Levels scrolling in any of four directions

Note that several features will be added for "free" (like ship coloring/tilting/breaking) since I was restructuring the game into modules.

PS: This is a multi-Jam project that went from:

  • 0.0.1 -> 0.1.4: LOWREZJAM (2017) - Prototype

  • 0.1.5 -> 0.6: FFS JAM (2018) - Alpha
  • 0.7.0 -> ??? (2021) : This is the last test version before this Jam (v0.8.5)

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You really like Platformers. It's great that you got good art and sound resources and release the project files though, well done.

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If you truly feel that way, you can leave at any moment (it's the same button you used to join the Jam) but:

  • There are Game engines that don't have Code or give you an easier way to do it, like Construct and Stencyl (assuming that you don't want Visual Code either)
  • You could join a Team and use the opportunity to learn
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This is a pretty fun game.

I found a bug where she keeps jumping (out of bounds) but I could move her eventually.

Thanks for Playing!

Kenney has assets for several styles of games, all CC0 (do whatever you want).

Yes, a Tutorial would make an excellent addition since the buttons have pretty generic names.

Thanks for Playing!

There were ideas for having 4 Players (there are assets for 4 Minions) but it would involve Camera adjustment.

Thanks for Playing!

Doesn't really feel like Tower Defense when you can't actually manage Towers, just select them.

Pretty cool, those dang birds are big. :x

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Good Job. I thought I'd have to avoid the oncoming rockets? but the Player is immortal and only needs to get to the portal in the higher platform.

That was fun. Ninja, Nin Nin!

(not sure if this was a bug but it's fun being carried)

A relaxing game, well done

Thanks for Playing!

Exactly, the Military-inspired graphics don't do it justice.

My partner had ideas for more powers (like portals!) but we had to keep it bare due to time issues.

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Isn't this but slower and you against everything (instead of Multiplayer)?

Made me want to keep Shift pressed (climb) at most times since Wall-Jumps are dangerous.

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Nice game. That's a pretty weak shot or I suck at the controls :( Had to jump into the pit and shoot mid-air to land on the other side on the first platform.

Aldo what kept being said? I heard the voice but couldn't tell where it was coming from.

The concept is interesting, moving the panels to reveal the numbers but this works best in fullscreen.

Good game. The short music loop was a tad infuriating though.

The music is a mix of odd tunes, but it goes well with the player's situation.

Having a total of 2 rooms is fine, but you could've done more. One-level games shows how you could re-use the level.

Why not ZIP the files (EXE and PCK) together?

That was an interesting experience. Good job.

My only issue is in guessing what I could place (like a school behind a school in the 2nd? patch of land). A grid might help.

That's a cool game. Keep Ctrl pressed (auto-fire) and move around obliterating everything.

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Nice job. It's s little weird but I made it to level 3 (after the Ice Slime):

Eat non-trash food to jump higher and not get fatter, get the Ice Slime then eat everything.

This is weird since the fat slime could still fit in the Ice Slime area but there's an invisible wall stopping him. Also, neither Fire nor Water stops/changes the Ice Slime.

Is there an ending to the game? I got 2k+ points and it just kept going.

A simple aesthetic but it was entertaining for a bit.

Thanks for playing!

It gets crazy when you let the Minion generation rate grow and there's a line of them marching (Conversion is more effective too).

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Thanks for playing!

Both sound and art would be awesome. The generic from Kenney doesn't fit the theme (Angels vs Devils) too well.

Thanks for playing!

Sadly, having both the Composer and Artist bail on us didn't help. It would've made for a far better experience.

Thanks for playing!

I added some information on the Details on what the buttons do.

Thanks for playing!

We have Pachi to thank for the concept.

Thanks for playing!

Coders always assume Players will figure it out themselves. :P

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Thanks for playing!

Sorry about that, I added a note in its description on what the buttons/powers do and how long they last.