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First off, thanks for voting. I didn't expect so much for a game where the minigames are more fun. And thanks to everyone that played!

This makes for a great foundation, great job.

Great idea :)

Thanks. It's a lazy idea but it shows what JerboaTTS can do.

Later on you see visual indicators so it gets far easier.

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I mean that the background color is similar to the dark red spots (for crates).

An full post-apocalyptic survival game in the console. Great job!

Cool game, but the second boss is so fast!

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An interesting game but did it have to use both 1,2,3 for the Menu and a,b,c,d for Game Choices?
Couldn't it let me use either?

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Great game. I liked the Earthbound style battles.
Shouldn't it have those lozenges on the area you could place a bridge on during that first mission? I eventually figured that's what the planks were for but when I saw them I felt it would be nice to have back then.
Funny how the final boss said "AI: Rouge program identified." Since the game is in black and white I assume he meant "Rogue."

You place the planks on the middle of the gap after you leave the room were you got them.

Awesome game, my only complaint is the similar background colors. Other than that it's perfect!

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Thanks but there's no Mobile support, unfortunately. Keyboard required.
I actually added "Escape" because why not. 'X' was there first (it all started with Ski Diver).

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Thanks! You only have to survive, just like real life! There isn't a "you win" or satisfying conclusion, just how long you survived.
Of course Video Games and Television might seem more interesting than that.

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Thanks and no worries, 'X' works as well. Just as 'ASDW' instead of the cursor keys so the page doesn't scroll around.
Added more details to the description.

I have since added the latest (after-jam) version at
Might be too hard though. The temperature also changes by itself now, Celestials come from either direction (the closer to the Planet the stronger the change), sound effects and annoying music.

Thanks, I watched your review.
Didn't remember a game or two but I'd never forget that dog one. :p

Of course. I plan to include the source code (index.html + jerboa.js) for each version.

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Seems like Processing lets you select modes (basically what language it gets converted to). There are many related projects that add different modes (like p5.js for Javascript).

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Get it to export to a JAR (probably has the Media inside) or HTML+JS+Media. That's what needs to take, at most, 1.44MB.
I couldn't export the project on Linux so I can't help further.

In that case I have the perfect idea for this Jam.
By using JerboaTTS, a small javascript (21kb) engine I made, I'll have more than enough space for the game itself.

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I'm glad I could have her talk to her mother and stop it. Otherwise I couldn't smile back.
Life is hard, I know, especially when you don't feel like it's worth it.

However, I gave it 4 stars for not changing the song when the girl is honest about what she was about to do.
The art was awesome but surely rushed near the end (final message).

Good job.

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Thanks. Both the speed and temperature changes increase, forcing players to click earlier. But yeah, click spam always works.

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Thanks but emphasis on first Godot game. I've been making art and games for years :p Which is why it has such simple gameplay. That smiling sun was the main drive behind it all. Just makes you want to have fun.

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Thanks, fixed it. At least for Windows/Linux/Mac.

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Thanks, fixed it. More specifically added Windows/Linux/Mac versions as the HTML5 version gave an error on the itch app.

Thanks. Certainly a lot simpler :)

You don't need to apologize, just say it's a "feature" :p while you fix it on the next version.

Thanks. I also wanted the Celestials to have more expressions, getting angry/sad when you pushed them away.

Thanks. You're right, I was planning on adding other things but had some issues getting things working properly (thus adding some fixes later on). I wanted more Celestials and the such but for now they just get very large and strong after several levels (one level per Celestial or pause).

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There's no choice, the game goes fullscreen, well full-browser window automatically when running the html5 version. So it can only be seen properly by pressing F11 (to hide the browser controls).
I did enjoy it, it's a fun game. Just takes a while to figure the controls out.

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I'm sorry, while I fiddled my way to victory I missed several details. I was mostly looking at the man through most play-troughs.
Here's a picture to break this chain of misconceptions. We can ignore the top part as it's static.

First off, I was joking and referring to 2 and should have pointed to it from the side.
Secondly, I thought the purpose was to match the color in 1 with the value in 3. Of course, as you explained, 1 = 3. You should probably add some indicator of where 3 is and either leave it empty (so the player has to visualize 1 in 3) or maintain the same functionality. Either way is fine.
And third, I thought the down/up buttons had parenthesis and didn't notice they were arrows. Making those arrows wider would help.

So there it is, focusing on the bars instead of the man would make it clear. But I was watching to see how he'd react to me fumbling with the temperatures.

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Quite interesting but those dang asteroids keep running away with the canisters. :P
The ships' turn is a little loose but I guess it's for added difficulty. Good job.

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I'm talking about this bar silly, which is part of the background, The one that adds a nice touch of difficulty to the game.

It would be nice to know which button increases and decreases the flow. I had to click around to figure it out since it wasn't instant (just like in real life :p)

Yes, on fullscreen.

A combo multiplier sounds like a good idea.
I'm afraid it's the same though, here's a snap of what I see:

The pic you posted looks far better.

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Here's a snap of the bottom of the screen with the game running in full-screen on my 1366x768 monitor:

You can notice the tip of the bar so it's just not scaling the display.
If I play without full-screen I can see the whole thing just fine.

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A duck going rambo with a big gun, hunting down alien? crystals.
The double jump flip almost makes it seem like an action movie, and it allowed the duck to jump out of the map, falling eternally.
It's a fun game, good job.