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I'm glad I could have her talk to her mother and stop it. Otherwise I couldn't smile back.
Life is hard, I know, especially when you don't feel like it's worth it.

However, I gave it 4 stars for not changing the song when the girl is honest about what she was about to do.
The art was awesome but surely rushed near the end (final message).

Good job.

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Thanks. Both the speed and temperature changes increase, forcing players to click earlier. But yeah, click spam always works.

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Thanks but emphasis on first Godot game. I've been making art and games for years :p Which is why it has such simple gameplay. That smiling sun was the main drive behind it all. Just makes you want to have fun.

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Thanks, fixed it. At least for Windows/Linux/Mac.

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Thanks, fixed it. More specifically added Windows/Linux/Mac versions as the HTML5 version gave an error on the itch app.

Thanks. Certainly a lot simpler :)

You don't need to apologize, just say it's a "feature" :p while you fix it on the next version.

Thanks. I also wanted the Celestials to have more expressions, getting angry/sad when you pushed them away.

Thanks. You're right, I was planning on adding other things but had some issues getting things working properly (thus adding some fixes later on). I wanted more Celestials and the such but for now they just get very large and strong after several levels (one level per Celestial or pause).

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There's no choice, the game goes fullscreen, well full-browser window automatically when running the html5 version. So it can only be seen properly by pressing F11 (to hide the browser controls).
I did enjoy it, it's a fun game. Just takes a while to figure the controls out.

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I'm sorry, while I fiddled my way to victory I missed several details. I was mostly looking at the man through most play-troughs.
Here's a picture to break this chain of misconceptions. We can ignore the top part as it's static.

First off, I was joking and referring to 2 and should have pointed to it from the side.
Secondly, I thought the purpose was to match the color in 1 with the value in 3. Of course, as you explained, 1 = 3. You should probably add some indicator of where 3 is and either leave it empty (so the player has to visualize 1 in 3) or maintain the same functionality. Either way is fine.
And third, I thought the down/up buttons had parenthesis and didn't notice they were arrows. Making those arrows wider would help.

So there it is, focusing on the bars instead of the man would make it clear. But I was watching to see how he'd react to me fumbling with the temperatures.

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Quite interesting but those dang asteroids keep running away with the canisters. :P
The ships' turn is a little loose but I guess it's for added difficulty. Good job.

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I'm talking about this bar silly, which is part of the background, The one that adds a nice touch of difficulty to the game.

It would be nice to know which button increases and decreases the flow. I had to click around to figure it out since it wasn't instant (just like in real life :p)

Yes, on fullscreen.

A combo multiplier sounds like a good idea.
I'm afraid it's the same though, here's a snap of what I see:

The pic you posted looks far better.

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Here's a snap of the bottom of the screen with the game running in full-screen on my 1366x768 monitor:

You can notice the tip of the bar so it's just not scaling the display.
If I play without full-screen I can see the whole thing just fine.

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A duck going rambo with a big gun, hunting down alien? crystals.
The double jump flip almost makes it seem like an action movie, and it allowed the duck to jump out of the map, falling eternally.
It's a fun game, good job.

A game where you're in charge of handling repairs in a building and the air conditioners keep failing.
Nice and simple concept, sharp graphics with a large resolution (in comparison to my laptops modest 1366x768), you should enable scaling. Good job.

Blob looks really cute but the web version of the game went way beyond my screen size. Thankfully the linux version worked well. Cooking is awfully complex and it was hard to satisfy him. Good job.

A ship that can grab and lunge itself at objects, nice.
The various objects flying around felt rather small but the controls worked nicely. Good job.

Simple concept with a ton of comets of various sizes. Being careful since the comets split and get redirected when shot.
I found it easier to ignore most of the building and focus on keeping only one from being destroyed.
The sound effects were also fun, hearing the temperature going up or down but it might get annoying after a while. Maybe add an option to change the volume or mute sound altogether.

This game is very cute albeit short. The controls were smooth and the tutorial was quick and easy to understand. Good job.

It's a nice platformer where the player needs to maintain his heat up. The player is a little hard to see though, being such a small square and having a color that is relatively close to the background. Good job.

I noticed, it's a nice touch. :)

(Edited 1 time)

Linux Mint x64, with an integrated Intel graphics board At a resolution of 1366x768
On closer inspection, the screen is just cut off. What scale method did you use?

Thanks, that's what I did.

That was cool, for a minute there I thought the reactor would explode all over the place if I lost.
It was harder to kill the ants? than I expected (even if using the opposite color)

Control a chubby Penguin who's tired of ice and go find new horizons. Pretty cool, as stated before, the controls need polishing. I also noticed that he can jump (from water) beyond platforms and will die if there are spikes in between. I really thought those short hops wouldn't be enough to reach the stairs but was glad to see he hoped a little higher. Good job.

Wait for a big meteor, walk over it to get smaller, run around haplessly.
Cool game, too bad there's no way of knowing where the meteors will come from, Good job.

I can't seem to do anything but it looks good so far.

While an interesting game, I couldn't rotate the pieces, making it impossible to finish a line.
Could be an interesting idea however. Good job.

That's a cool game, but I was lost as to where the "temperature meter" was until I noticed that only the tip is visible on fullscreen. I thought getting hit with icicles would be fine if the player was really hot but oh well. Good job.

Unfortunately it gave the same problem.

That was pretty funny and it is a rather ungrateful job. Good job.

(Edited 1 time)

That's a cute little critter, and the game is quite fun, despite being rather overwhelming (not so much in terms of frieres and more in the pokey things flying at you). Good job.

It's a nice concept but everything freezes when the fire starts going so you have to be very careful of the order you do things. Good job.

That's a trippy game, having to rotate precisely while aiming at the enemies.
Aside from that crazy camera, it seems like a good game but was I supposed to kill all those bad icicles, convert all the rectangular crystals by shooting them or both?

Well today I learned something new. So that's why the wind direction kept rotating.