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I get it's a time guessing game but where does the 30 come in? Either way, nice work.

I dashed so much I went to the right-side of the screen when it was the boss. Oops :x

This could be awesome with sound as the advisors reactions are the main focus. Quite entertaining. :)

The name is misleading. There are many "only 1 room" games but you progress in levels as you collect red keys and enter doors. Good job :)

"You lost :(" upon start. Wow, that was fast.
Jokes aside, I read the description and could understand when I played the second level (there's a bug? or duplicate on the red shooter below the blue square).
You could turn the first level into a tutorial that teaches how to play.

Nice game, the game-over sound reminds me of Prince of Persia. :)

I've added both versions of my game (Steam Rider). The Jam version took 3 hours of development while the working version (Steam Rider+) has bugs fixed and minor changes. Should I only keep the 3 hour one?

  • Steam
  • Stream
  • Beam

Wait a minute... I could use those for this one.

  • Inverted
  • Broken
  • Parts of a Whole

Too bad. Anyway, Great Job!

You're right. The purpose of Mono is to make C# and .NET cross-platform and Microsoft has been embracing Linux more and more so my opinion is likely biased.

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Hi, thanks for the voices. I used them in my latest Jam Challenge entry (, despite the fact that I modified them to save space and make them sound like Dinosaurs. I kept them as CC0.

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Hi, thanks for the voices. I used them in my latest Jam Challenge entry (, despite the fact that I modified them to save space and make them sound like Dinosaurs. I kept them as CC0.

It might be the Cell-Shading but I love the aesthetic.
Well done!

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Godot complains about using preload (Audio) but it's a nice, polished, platformer.
Good Job!

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I couldn't figure out what as going on at first. Thankfully the Games page explained everything in detail.
Thought you were (only) Treasure hunting but found it strange that the Dynamite only blew walls off.
Good Job!

Awesome game, I do love me some fancy effects.

It's a great idea but quite hard to control so many fishes ;p
Well done!

Same here, although Wine helps (Mono games don't like Linux).

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Well done, it's a cute platformer. It's easy to figure out what I should do based on the keys position.
Well Done!

I kinda expected "Iron" hounds to have wheels for some reason.
Good job!

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It's an interesting game and an advanced Visual Novel.  The green thing cries/complains too much though.
Good Job.

It's using Mono right? I can see the signals and the ".cs" files.
Anyway it's a nice game, good job.
Are there any hotkeys for the 3 action buttons ?

Checks out, 1.9 MB without .import.
Good job.

"You Win?" more like: You escaped the maze of invisible walls by walking around.
Good job!

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Added an entry to the DevLog of my upcoming entry:
You can find the tips near the end. I only used my usual tricks, although I expected SVG to be my go-to-format but Godot can't handle it that well.

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I uploaded DyNo yesterday (a simple Visual Novel engine) and this Jam is a great opportunity to improve it.
Here's a picture of the Example story I made with the Prototype (engine+story&assets take around 600 KB):

Let's see what I cook up during the Jam.
Note: I'm only going to re-use some code and the font.

I've made a snake-clone with only draw_rect, draw_circle and draw_string (short over 300 KB).

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Way past cool ! :D
You can tell that he really wants to be a drummer.

Gotta go Fast! :D

First off, thanks for voting. I didn't expect so much for a game where the minigames are more fun. And thanks to everyone that played!

This makes for a great foundation, great job.

Great idea :)

Thanks. It's a lazy idea but it shows what JerboaTTS can do.

Later on you see visual indicators so it gets far easier.

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I mean that the background color is similar to the dark red spots (for crates).

An full post-apocalyptic survival game in the console. Great job!

Cool game, but the second boss is so fast!

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An interesting game but did it have to use both 1,2,3 for the Menu and a,b,c,d for Game Choices?
Couldn't it let me use either?

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Great game. I liked the Earthbound style battles.
Shouldn't it have those lozenges on the area you could place a bridge on during that first mission? I eventually figured that's what the planks were for but when I saw them I felt it would be nice to have back then.
Funny how the final boss said "AI: Rouge program identified." Since the game is in black and white I assume he meant "Rogue."