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Thanks. I didn't add a timer since I didn't want to stress players out, just let them take their time but I could add it as an option in the future.
I went for minimal graphics since the game is so fast. Naturally, spinning at low resolutions doesn't work out very well. I'd be amazed if players could tell when Spizzy is blinking or dizzy after rotating.

Thanks. It gets rather crazy, which is why spikes only show up after 3 or 4 levels.

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Oh, I misunderstood that detail. Spizzy and the background change colors per dream after the first (still limited to a maximum of 4). Oh well, made it per game instead.

Yes, one time one of the little guys took it. The mans face after losing it for 5 seconds was quite funny. :D

Wow, that's a pretty big filesize for a short game. When I reached the door the guy went up and left his hat, starting the countdown and ending in GameOver?
It was funny to go around hitting the little guys but the first time around I just jumped on top of them. Good job

Well we can't really see what's under the hat so who knows?
Thinking of Metroid, Samus only took her suit in the end so it was a surprise.

So he's one-kick-man. :P awesome.

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Thanks. I'm with you on that, I hate spikes a lot. I only added them since there was "no way to lose".
Curiously enough, the game has a bug which makes it skip a dream on Game-Over (you always need to replay the first dream though) but going beyond 7 gets you an empty dream since the ending is separate. Though luck.

Edit: This and other bugs were fixed.

It might be a bug as it's a lot faster than the speed in the video.

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I know but don't worry, it's a minor detail.
Just something to remember when creating a production version.

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Thanks, that makes a lot more sense and it's a fun mechanic. Those pesky children really can't stay put!
By the way, you should add those instructions to the game page so that players can see them.

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Thanks. Bumpers can make Spizzy go so fast she can pass the Dream without breaking walls (it's a bug, but I like seeing her flying through the screen).
Spikes are deadly if she's going fast enough to break walls so it's best to avoid bumpers (they're not always there to help).

Holy flying pixels, that looks cool. Also, finding out that the player warps between edges was crucial to surviving. Great job.

A pretty simple game, I was hoping there where going to be different-colored keys for different-colored doors at some point. Anyway, good job on the casual pass-time.

Nice game and cool game-play mechanics. Good job. :)
The problem, aside from the small screen, is that both colors are similar.

I think I found the spawn point as the enemies where bumping into each-other coming for me.
The sound even kept playing after the game was over. :o

It's a nice game, good job :)

That was pretty funny but pimples in the eyes/mouth?! oh my. Good job.

That was awesome, even in the unexpected "you have no flame" levels.
Very original, Great job.

Nice idea, cool game. Great job.

Running ends in error over a missing 'nw_elf.dll' file.

What a trip, that's one cool doggo. Great job.

Lovely graphics and soft gameplay. Must be great for people trying to sleep. :)

Eh, what? Does it actually matter how long you keep 'space' pressed?
That was funny, good job.

It opens a console and then opens the game window, perhaps you could set it to Application (not Console Application) to avoid that?

Nice and simple but I wasn't quite sure if I was doing anything aside from moving with the cursor keys/WASD.

Cool game and nice way to work with the 4 colors. Great job.
Didn't realize I could shoot the lasers until I was in Battle Mode. It's a nice detail. Of course, looking at the instructions clearly stated that. :)

Ending the game was cool but... how do I restart?
The Fuel value goes outside the screen when it has decimal places (ex:89.3)

Nice and simple, those red balls are pretty crazy though. Good job.

Fullscreen doesn't actually stretch the tiny (128x128) screen :(

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Awesome game. The polish, the moving faces on the blocks, the concept, loved it!

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This look s like a good game, despite being outside the rules.Good job.

I did notice that holding 'x' down lets out a stream of bullets until I moved which is cool but probably unintended.

Cool gameplay mechanics, very original too. Great job.

The game runs quite fast so I can't survive for long until I'm slimed.
Aside from that it works pretty well. Good job.

That was pretty good. Great job.

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Thanks, the input has some quirks (ex: must move the mouse for clicks to register) which adds difficulty to the game.

Thanks, it was mostly about the character :)
It's too bad that PhaserJS can't rotate Spizzy very well at such a low resolution.

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Actually I've been updating it but itch.io keeps failing :|
Why keep previous versions if people need to run a server to run it? (at least on modern Chrome/Firefox)

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Nice game but I found an issue:
- If you're holding an item when time runs out and the list of props checks shows up, you'll lose it and be locked in a "put down" state.

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Hello. That's understandable, good job so far.
As for that warning, it happened to several (likely Unity) games so I copy-pasted that part and eventually just stopped as it was an obvious false-positive. I'll remove it.

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I will definitely add an option to toggle if the shot direction is inverted.
Not moving is dangerous, especially since charging takes longer the higher the difficulty.
You can upgrade your "Skill" in the Shop for it to move farther and wider arcs and your "Power" to make it bigger and stronger.

Took the opportunity to reference your game and add some notes. :)

(Edited 1 time)

Sounds like a bug! Almost everything freezes when a Slider moves in and the Shop is one. Did you ever get to see it (has a plus/minus button) ? Anyway, if the background freezes it's the likely culprit. I'll look into it.

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That's cool and it has very cute graphics, good job!
Don't worry about Windows Defender. That thing complained about several more executables and I'm guessing it's because they have no "Publisher" assigned. Windows nonsense.