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This game was quite difficult however it was still really fun.

This game was actually really fun to play! Just wish there were more storage units, but i still really enjoyed this game!:D

This game was so unique and cute! Sadly, I didn't complete the game but I still really enjoyed it!

This game was so crazy and weird! However, it was really addicting and fun!

This game was quite difficult however it was a lot of fun!:D

Such a sweet and adorable little game! I enjoyed this so much!

Very fun little game! I really liked how the game got harder and harder as I went along and stole flowers!

Such a sweet yet sad game! I loved making the family feel better!

Such a fun little game! :D

While there were some flaws, like not being able to kick and punch sometimes or the game crashing, it was still fun to play and I really enjoyed trying to destroy the whole place and get a high score!

This game was so much fun! Wish it was longer though!

Such a gorgeous looking game with a very interesting story! Wish the game was longer though!

Really fun game! Even though the person went weird.... lol!

Such an interesting game yet kinda spooky! I can't wait for the game to be done!:D

Very interesting fun! However it would be cool if you had to do other stuff while paddling the ball, like pressing a key to defend yourself.

Very fun game and I really enjoyed the idea!

This game was actually so fun to play and I really enjoyed the idea of this game!

So frustrating yet fun!

This game was adorable! It really made me crave hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream!

Fun little game!

Really fun game!

After seeing this game being played so much I decided to give it a go and I was not dissapointed! This is so adorable and fun!:D

This game was so fun!:D

So fun! I really enjoyed the creativity in each room!

Fun and cute little game!

This game was so sweet and heart warming! Definitely a great game to play around Christmas, even though I missed out on finishing the mission.

Really fun game! I really enjoyed doing different things to open the presents!

Such a fun game and a nice idea! I just kept tilting no matter what haha!

This game was so much fun! I loved the music!

I really adored this game! Short but so cute and fun!

Super fun game!

This game was super fun but weird! Would be better with more people but even by myself I really enjoyed it!

Very weird but interesting!

Very cute and super fun to play! Loved the story!

So fun! (2nd game)

Super weird but fun! (3rd game)

Very fun yet weird little game!

Very interesting but I think I broke it...

This game was so funny and amazing!

So interesting and fun! However, I was unsure if there was an actual ending or not