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I really enjoyed this game! So fun and challenging! 

Such a fun game!

I really enjoyed this! 

Awesome game!

I really enjoyed this little game!

I really enjoyed this!

Such a fun game! I definitely enjoyed it!

Awesome game! 

Such a fun and silly little game, I really enjoyed trying to get to work while the lack of coffee caused me to act 'drunk'... 

Restarting didn't work:(

Fun little game! 

When I leave the room with Sherlock Holmes the next area is pitch black, the sound is there and I can open and close stuff when hovering over them but it's just black, is there a flashlight that I am not aware of, please tell me it's me and not the game because I love the idea of it.

Such an interesting game with a really good story! 

I really enjoyed this game!

Such a fun little sandbox game, very fun to do for pizza lovers like me!

Such a good game! Amazing atmosphere and story!

Such a fun game! I loved the idea of smashing windows!

I loved this funny little game, I enjoyed shooting large amounts of police while they swear at me and tell me "This is police!".

Such a fun game!

This game had an amazing atmosphere and build up, it was very short however it was surprisingly fun to play!

What is not to love about this?! Such a fun game that I thought was going to be short but ended up being much more than just killing some people on the beach! I will definitely play more of this game!

Crazy yet fun little game!

Such a fun little game!

Here is a little video, this was actually so fun!

Very short game, but I enjoyed it:)

Yeah sorry, I will reupload due to the video cutting out towards the end, I had to edit the video again, sorry about that!

(1 edit)

Such a funny little game! So many references that I didn't get but I got some haha.

Great job!

Really interesting game, I loved the atmosphere and the voice acting!

Great job!

Fun little game, great job!

My gameplay: 

Such a fun game with lots of memes!

I loved the Polish poster on the wall aswell!

Great job, can't wait for more levels in the future!

My gameplay:

Such an interesting game, can't wait for other doors and a possible ending!

My gameplay:

This game was so fun to play!

Such a great game even though I hate horror games! 

Close Your Eyes community · Created a new topic My gameplay

Check it out here! :