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Really interesting!

Lovely art style and story!

I managed to fix the bug with the crashing, however I was not able to save or load the game, not sure if there was something else I had to do but clicking on save game or load game didn't do anything. I really enjoy this and I am planning on playing it more and more as you update it! I can't wait for the Allosaurus!

Here is another part of the game:

Interesting story!

Sadly, the game crashed on me and then wouldn't work, I don't think the problem was the game, therefore I will try to get it working again and record the game again as this was such a fun game! I really enjoyed the idea of this!

My gameplay:

I really enjoyed protecting the gravestones, even though I didn't get very far in the game it was still a lot of fun! 

This game was really interesting, it starts of easy but quickly becomes hard when there are enemies and massive holes in the ground! I also completely forgot how many coins I had to collect!

I really enjoyed this game! 

Such a fun game!

Oh okay, thank you!

Hot Pot community · Created a new topic My gameplay

This game is so fun! No flaws!

Won't install:(

Challenging for me but fun!:3

This game was very challenging however it was a lot of fun!

I loved this game! It was so fun!

Such a fun game! 

This game was adorable! It had such a childish and sweet atmosphere, the only problem for me was the music suddenly came on and then disappeared, wish it stayed on. 

You're welcome it was such a cute game!^^ I wish I checked if I could handshake with the cat, I will probably try it out in my spare time haha!

This game is adorable! :D I loved the atmosphere that this game created, just wish I could do a handshake with the kitty lol.

So funky and cool!:D

So fun!

I was so confused at the beginning, however this game was made very nicely! I will definitely be having another go in my spare time!

Such a weird but fun game!

This game's story was horrible! But i really enjoyed it and I loved the mechanics! xD

2nd game.

I really enjoyed this! Challenging but fun!

such a weird game... but I enjoyed this!

This game was really fun!!

That is fine:)

So fun!! :D

I wish there was a timer to see how far I lasted but other than that I really enjoyed this! I found it really funny when the chickens flew back after throwing them! :p 

Such a weird yet fun game!

Such a fun game! I really enjoyed this!

I really enjoyed this game! So fun and challenging! 

Such a fun game!

I really enjoyed this! 

Awesome game!

I really enjoyed this little game!

I really enjoyed this!

Such a fun game! I definitely enjoyed it!

Awesome game! 

Such a fun and silly little game, I really enjoyed trying to get to work while the lack of coffee caused me to act 'drunk'...