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I really adored this game! Short but so cute and fun!

Super fun game!

This game was super fun but weird! Would be better with more people but even by myself I really enjoyed it!

Very weird but interesting!

Very cute and super fun to play! Loved the story!

So fun! (2nd game)

Super weird but fun! (3rd game)

Very fun yet weird little game!

Very interesting but I think I broke it...

This game was so funny and amazing!

So interesting and fun! However, I was unsure if there was an actual ending or not

Such a fun game!:D 

Such a fun game! :D

This game was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed playing this game even though I got a bit confused lol. I loved the references in the game too!

I was hoping this game was longer as it did build up some tension, however I was also satisfied with the ironic ending and the humour even though this was a horror game.

I actually really enjoyed this game! I can't wait for more dinos, features and save option

Super cute little game about making potions! I loved the aesthetic and the art style of this game!

Adorable little game! I loved feeding and petting the pigeons, but the best part was the jiggling!

Very fun and interesting!

This game was so well made with such good mechanics! Sadly, I didn't find all the candy but I had so much fun!

I really liked this game! It was hard at first but then I got the hang of it, it was so well made!

Funny but slightly scary little game xD

This game was really well made and I loved the idea of having to walk and find places by turning around quickly and walking backwards, the game wasn't too hard but also wasn't too easy, it definitely scared the first few times! Also I really liked the idea of the places being marked after I've turned the switches on which would prevent me from going to the same place twice! The only problem is that somehow I broke the game and the graphics went to the lowest which made the game less 'spooky' for me, but still playable!

Really fun game! However, after a while it becomes repetitive, especially since serving raw meat didn't do anything lol

Very cool game! 

Awesome game! I completely forgot there was a to-do list so I was stuck looking for all the pumpkins lol, but other than that, it had a good idea to it and a good mechanic, the pumpkin guard scared me a little xD

This game was actually really good! I loved the idea of this whole game, from exploring the house and finding keys to being able to fly and become really small!

I kept breaking the game D:

Other than that this game was adorable and I loved the idea of this whole game! I will try to play it again.

So fun!

This game is so fun to play! I loved every minute of it! :D

Really interesting!

Lovely art style and story!

I managed to fix the bug with the crashing, however I was not able to save or load the game, not sure if there was something else I had to do but clicking on save game or load game didn't do anything. I really enjoy this and I am planning on playing it more and more as you update it! I can't wait for the Allosaurus!

Here is another part of the game:

Interesting story!

Sadly, the game crashed on me and then wouldn't work, I don't think the problem was the game, therefore I will try to get it working again and record the game again as this was such a fun game! I really enjoyed the idea of this!

My gameplay:

I really enjoyed protecting the gravestones, even though I didn't get very far in the game it was still a lot of fun! 

This game was really interesting, it starts of easy but quickly becomes hard when there are enemies and massive holes in the ground! I also completely forgot how many coins I had to collect!

I really enjoyed this game! 

Such a fun game!

Oh okay, thank you!