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Victor Weidar

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Fun and polished little game, slightly addictive as well :)

I haven't played it personally, but it's an interesting detail to notice :)

Thanks for playing! glad you liked it :)
As I've explained before, I was working off of a 2 week brief, hence the short playtime. I might work more on this in the future, as I've received plenty of feedback :)

Thanks for playing! That is a very good idea that I did not consider while making the game. If I continue to work on this, that is a feature I will definitely consider

Hey thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it! This was just a small 2-week project for an assessment brief, but I might be working more on it in the future :) Thanks for the feedback though!

Glad to hear! :D

Glad you liked it!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

It's a very cosy environment, it was nice walking around finding out what types of buildings and people that existed :) What do you use for the animations?