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Thank you for the kind words ^^

I reckon a bit more player feedback would go a long way. Showing what bird was which, as well as placing a marker where the character was walking towards would make it a bit easier. Sadly didn't have time for that.
Thanks for your comment!

Many thanks!

Thank you very much!  :D

Thank you!

Thank you!
yes, running and walking took too much time to try and get right so I scrapped it.
I might go back after the jam and try to fix it ^^

I love how this game makes you stop and think about your movement, while at the same time pressuring you with the timer. It makes for a good but stressful experience and left me very satisfied when I completed a level.

The upwards dash was a nice breath of fresh air from most 2D platformers, and I found myself using it a lot to get out of my own way.

The only thing I found myself wanting was a "restart" button in the pause menu when I knew I had messed up :)

Great job from the entire team

Yeah why not? I could use some feedback!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it
The shield and all other abilities are based on the energy bar below your health :) The shield slowly drains energy while active

I'm not sure but the side movement seemed tied to how much time I had left, because every time I rewinded a clock time sped up. That was pretty cool and got me stressed out a few times because I wasn't able to reach clocks in time. I like the graphics too, the little squeeze and bounce was nice when jumping :)

I managed to win the game, but I think a controls screen would be nice :) Maybe a screen of text telling me what I have to do. I liked the  music though and the art was cute. Keep at it :D

Very cute game :) I think the theme was well implemented

Yep! 42 hour total of worktime :)

Thank you for your kind words! I will :)

Thank you very much!

It's a very cosy environment, it was nice walking around finding out what types of buildings and people that existed :) What do you use for the animations?