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this is the most disturbing game i have ever played. probably because its true. an amazing critique on our society.  if zombies dont take over the earth might just pop bc its so done with us ruining it. 

absolutely loved this, best transitions i've seen in a while man

i absolutely loved it and i love the artstyle too

ever since i played this game i cannot stop thinking about it. it has changed my concept of realities and i cant wait for the full version. 

i dont know french but i loved this game

there is one part but to be honest i thought it was intentional since it fit really well into the game

absolutely brilliant

amazing game but i am really scared cause how did u know i was polish? wtf man i am scared

I am loving this game! Cant wait for new updates

my theory is that we are the creature and we dont realise it. anyways i escaped

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This was truly a masterpiece. A camp fever dream and I relate to Igor loved this so much

Absolutely brilliant. I love this universe so much

shadow person is so hot

hey, love the concept because i have sensory hypersensitivity but i am afraid i cant move anywhere cause there are invisible walls everywhere. Am I doing something wrong?

best game i have ever played. as someone with anxiety it felt so good to play this game. Thank you so so much

Loved it! Great dubbing and the soundtrack was amazing!

scared the crap out of me loved it!! so good

life is strange vibess!! I loved it so much

so cute loved it

loved the game! named the creature blurpos, i got attached to it to be honest haha

I loved it so much! Great work

Such an amazing game, the ghost hunting was so realistic i would have never expected for her to not be a believer and the ending!! So good

I did it!! Loved your game, very fun

i absolutely loved it. you guys are very talented

I absolutely loved it! The art style is everything and the story was cute but creepy too. I hope I can see more games like this from you in the future

I loved this game, the story was well done and the ending was pretty unexpected. I loved it, definitely going to recommend it to my friends. 

I loved this game, the art, the colouring, the story, the music. Just perfect <33

this was so cute i loved it!!

 This game is so good. I love the colors, the plot and the characters. It's short but perfect. Definitely one of my favorites on here <33

I loved your game so much! It was short but very relatable and I think I got the good ending which is great. Stay Safe!