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loved the game! named the creature blurpos, i got attached to it to be honest haha

I loved it so much! Great work

Such an amazing game, the ghost hunting was so realistic i would have never expected for her to not be a believer and the ending!! So good

I did it!! Loved your game, very fun

i absolutely loved it. you guys are very talented

I absolutely loved it! The art style is everything and the story was cute but creepy too. I hope I can see more games like this from you in the future

I loved this game, the story was well done and the ending was pretty unexpected. I loved it, definitely going to recommend it to my friends. 

I loved this game, the art, the colouring, the story, the music. Just perfect <33

this was so cute i loved it!!

 This game is so good. I love the colors, the plot and the characters. It's short but perfect. Definitely one of my favorites on here <33

I loved your game so much! It was short but very relatable and I think I got the good ending which is great. Stay Safe!