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Nice game! The controls seemed a bit off, because sometimes I coudn't turn left or right anymore. I really like the low-poly models. Did you get them in the asset store or did you make them yourself? If you made them, could you recommend a tool or tutorial on creating low-poly graphics?

Thank you for your feedback! I wanted to implement a system for consequences (score system or something similar), but I didn't have the time. I will definitely do this after the jam.

I made a game with a few mini games. I think it's nice for playing in-between bigger games. However, the music is an interesting step for me into computer-produced music. Each time you start the game, you will hear a different melody. It's code-generated, random and always harmonious. I hope it's as much fun to play as it was to make.

Here's the download link:

I had a brower-version before without a quit-button. I simply enjoy playing a non-online minute-long game now and then and I wanted others to be able to experience that, too.

The games are fairly simple. A quick description is included.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll try and improve the controls in future games. Personally, I also felt that controls in the second level could have been better, but I didn't have the time to really work on them in detail. Third level controls were better, but also not very complex. Anyway, I'm glad you liked my view on the theme.

A very interesting take on the theme...

I liked the simple but fitting music and the unusual interpretation of the theme. Very surprising!

Cool game! I loved the audio!

Thank you!!!

Great game!

A fun, short game revolving around the person and legacy of the German Baron of Münchhausen, who is and was famous for his tall tales. The game features levels that are related to his life and work and my own, Monty-Python-inspired  creations.

And here is the link:.

Enjoy, and please tell me what you think of the game. I spent a lot of time and work on it, but I'd be happy to get tips for improvement of my game designing skills.

Thank you for the feedback and the tip, I'll get on it after the jam. There is still a lot of work to do with the game, but I only had time to hand in a rough first draft version.

Thank you! I thought the background story sounded a bit silly (clearing Pluto's orbit for it). You're absolutely right with the sound. I only had a day and a half to work on the game, so I didn't have time for sound and some of the things I wanted to include (secret levels, alien attacks, more silliness), but I'll get to it after the jam. Maybe I could include a sort of introductory level to introduce the player to the steering mechanics.

Thank you so much for playing and commenting, I really appreciate feedback.

I think it's a good idea of yours to polish the feedback a little bit. I'll get to work on that after the jam.  And I know what you mean with the perfect pitch game. I also play an instrument (piano) and was surprised how hard it is to score, especially with time running down and no possibility to replay the note. That's why I chose to award at least five points even if the guess is off by half a note.

What program do you use for writing music for your games? I'd love ot get into that field, but I'm a bit at a loss what to use. I'd be glad for any tips regarding that, because recording myself at the piano via smartphone is not really the way to go (I tried that for one of my games and I'm not really happy with the result). I tried BoscaCeoil, but if you are used to normal music notation, it's really difficult to get into it.

This is my first browser game made with Unity. It's just a collection of four casual games that I wrote for fun/practice. There is nothing fancy about the graphics (field trip pictures from Italy that I turned into b/w), but the music is interesting insofar that it is randomly generated, but usually includes a theme that is repeated after eight notes.

I did not include any scene transitions of particle effects, because I wanted to keep it as small as possible.

I'd love to have some feedback from others and hope that you'll enjoy this little project.

Brain Buster Game

Cool creative concept! It seemed so easy at first but it got challenging very quickly. I really liked playing your game.

Cool game!

I like those interactive fiction games and also the rather serious tone. Could you include direct feedback to the player? Sometimes I wasn't sure for what actions the game deducted or awarded points for the final score.

Nice game, especially the background graphics. I liked it that it kept everything simple and playable in a browser.

It seems that there is a small bug in the orientation of the sprite. When I played the game, itthe player sprite always faced in the wrong direction when it moved.


What a great and original game! I loved it and I hope I'll see more of your games in the future! BTW: what game engine did you use?

Thank you so much!

I guess you're right. Sorry about the infuriating difficulty level. In hindsight, it seems a bit too hard. The funny thing is that this was not my intention, but if you play your own game during the creation process, you know all the traps and enemies and you risk designing it more difficult than you wanted. I'll change that after the jam into something more accessible. Thanks for the feedback!

I like the idea behind it and would have loved to play more. I hope you'll finish it. For the jam there was not much to give a lot of stars for (except originality)--sorry.  But I'll definitely check back to your page once you complete the project.  Good luck with it!

I personally like old-school graphics and sounds, so I would have loved to see more. Unfortunately, for the jam there is not really a lot to go on in terms of rating, so I'm sorry for not being able to award a lot of points. I would love to see the finished game once you get to it.

Thanks for the comment. I'll try to work your ideas into my games in the future. One thing I did not completely understand was your criticism of the coding... Did you mean the scripts? Honestly,  neither Unity nor I could find any errors or problems there. Granted, I declared a few variables as public that should be declared private in larger projects and then accessed through getter and setter methods and I also did not include any comments within the scripts, but since I was the only coder working on the project I figured it would not matter. Did you mean level design or game design? If so, I'd agree on the first point in hindsight. The level design could have been with a slightly less steep learning curve. I'll remember that the next time. The flashlight is very useful if you take your time before each step or jump. Anyway, thanks for playing and commenting!

Sorry, my mistake. I'm afraid I'still fairly new to all this. I'll try it again with a hopefully complete version after the jam.

Thanks for trying to play anyway. 

I liked your Endless Balancer game.  I checked it out and it's a really nice game. Also, I totally agree with your description of what the jam was like for you.

This is a great game! I love the development of a meta-narrative in game form. Parts were a bit tough to play (sound level), but altogether a brilliant and creative entry!