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This was great! Very atmospheric. Also the thing at the end was the first jump scare I remember feeling that was entirely due to player action.

This is great! but also quite hard. I think one of the early planets is like syncopated in a way that makes it a lil hard to figure out, but I am not that discouraged by that. Dig the feel and sound.

I like the palette and art in this game. The vessel feels pretty hard to control, and that was after I figured out how its movement works. Pretty interesting as a physics/action game

This game looks great, love the neon look. The two actions that the spacebar performs are a little unintuitive and rhythmically clunky. I wish the walls came continuously so I could get into a more action-y pace.

Neat! Slide speed feels just right.

This game is fun! Good use of one button for multiple actions. I felt that each game action was pretty intuitive. Losing momentum is not as fun, particularly as there is no way to quickly reset. These levels are the most enjoyable when youre moving fast and getting into the rhythm of the game.

Thank you for the feedback!

This is great! Great gamefeel, great music and art, much fun! I like the idea of adaptive difficulty by increasing tempo as the player's combo gets higher. Not much sense of accomplishment for completing levels, since you only get a score and don't have any thresholds or anything to aim for, but that doesn't detract from the fun very much for me.