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Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Oh my god, I absolutely love this game!

Could you link the thread? I'd really appreciate it!

Hey Breogán Hackett! Probably like everyone else in the comments, I'm wondering how did you get more than 3 colors? Is it in the actual bitsy code or something else? Thanks in advance!

After I didn't eat my broccoli and was ripped apart, I couldn't stop crying

Oh! Then sorry for bothering you

Psst, that's not the right game


Hi! The request went through, check your discord.

Hi, thanks for commenting! Yes, I do have a discord, message me anytime: VexPol#7880.

I don't need a switch now haha.

Hey, this is an awesome game! I wanted to ask, which font did you use for this?

I'm just gonna assume you edited the game's code afterwards.

Ahh, okay thank you!

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This is really fun, but i have a question. Where is the 3rd beacon and the Great Hall?

Very nice art!

Oh, ok!

Hey Adam! Have you decided on the december bitsy theme?

That's a good idea, but who would start the collab?

Woah, when i touched the cube in the second house, the screen turned, how did you do that?

Hey, nice game! This game would be great for the Bric-A-Brac bitsy jam!

You can actually add music to bitsy afterwards in the code, but you an't control when it starts.

Okay i got it working, thanks!

Ahh okay, so variables. I'll have to look into that, thanks.

I also wanted to ask, how did you make it that the npc's give you items?

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Hmm, for me it's just a white screen, and after some time it turns black


This is so beautiful, 5/5 stars.

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Holy crap! Nice art!!