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Hi! The request went through, check your discord.

Hi, thanks for commenting! Yes, I do have a discord, message me anytime: VexPol#7880.

I don't need a switch now haha.

Hey, this is an awesome game! I wanted to ask, which font did you use for this?

You're welcome.

Hey, i noticed the game is kinda cut off. If you go to edit the game page, you can change the game size to 560x560. Hope this helps =).

I'm just gonna assume you edited the game's code afterwards.

Ahh, okay thank you!

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This is really fun, but i have a question. Where is the 3rd beacon and the Great Hall?

Very nice art!

Oh, ok!

Hey Adam! Have you decided on the december bitsy theme?

That's a good idea, but who would start the collab?

Woah, when i touched the cube in the second house, the screen turned, how did you do that?

Hey, nice game! This game would be great for the Bric-A-Brac bitsy jam! https://itch.io/jam/bric-a-brac

Replied to Kai20 in W.I.P. comments

You can actually add music to bitsy afterwards in the code, but you an't control when it starts.

Okay i got it working, thanks!

Ahh okay, so variables. I'll have to look into that, thanks.

I also wanted to ask, how did you make it that the npc's give you items?

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Hmm, for me it's just a white screen, and after some time it turns black


This is so beautiful, 5/5 stars.

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Holy crap! Nice art!!