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Really nice! I'm not any good at shooters so I was going to skip it, but since you've been around agdg i figured I should try it.

Pros: Feels FUN, exciting, kickback from the machinegun is satisfying

Cons: One bug, a big white square over a big part of the screen, you can see it in the video. Also some significant slowdowns, however they helped me tactically. Sometimes art assets aren't clear, like the construction cones for I thought were mines, and the mine I thought was something else. Also the sound effects, while they feel right for an arcade game, I think they could just be better. Didn't know what the timer at the top was for since nothing happened when it ran out in the laboratory level.


The levels I think could use more "story" to them, obviously not like NPCs but maybe some implied depth like storefronts you can't go in, maybe people watching from inside windows, something to make the gameworld feel more alive. Keyboard controls might be not great, or maybe its my bad skills. It was sometimes hard to know where to look, and the enemies didn't stand out enough (to this pleb). Last criticism I'd expect enemies to trip mines and die, but nice gameplay balance by letting the minelayers live to focus on more immediate threats, but then ending up with a gauntlet to get through.


Just came back to say, I actually replayed this for fun. Videogames needs fun like this.

Would love a double jump


About the tree fader shader, I found it distracting, its fancy but the transition is too eye-catching, maybe if it was not such a huge change. But the parallax was nice, little details like the leaves were nice, fancy text effects in the dialogue. Maybe more of an indicator when the float is about to run out, I had a hard time trying to time it, it felt like you really plummet hard when you can't float any more (but Im also bad at these games). I think the theme of the game is strong, everything feels like it goes together, nice job!


Cute! I'm terribad at platformers so its not my kind of game, but the graphics and music and characters all fit together nicely. The bombs felt out of place though. But the pop at the end of Whimps death sequence is super cute. Would like a faster respawn and base movement speed. Also you can see in the video running into a wall gets me into sprint mode (not dash) which I dunno if its intentional. Disappointed the enemies from progress posts weren't in! No one to absorb..



a bold move

I enjoyed this, the complete lack of context of the guy made him even spookier. And the way he sort of tries to get nearer to you without just flat out rushing you seems.. realistic? Also cool how walking against sloped surfaces doesn't just stop you but pushes you in the available direction.

For real, the chasing felt unsettling, 10/10 but the sideways direction in the main/intro scene was too slow. Heres a couple minutes of playing until it crashed


Potentially pretty fun, I like the turn based shooting and that you can shoot down projectiles with lasers. The rotating didn't seem to always work, and I could only rotate between 1-2 directions. But I like where this could go, here's acouple minutes of gameplay footage, sound would help. Also the ability to continually play instead of having to keep clicking the turn button


No bugs that I saw! But why do the levels look different in the screenshots than in the game? Sound would really help this game, also I found myself wanting to fast foreward through the waves pretty quick, so maybe theres needs to be more of a reason to "watch" versus just skipping to the end. Cannons seem a little OP, and snipers seem underpowered. Having multiple paths where you can only "see" parts of them at a time from a different position is cool.


Played a couple minutes, but my left control and left alt don't work so I couldn't punch anyone. Immediate feedback, I'd expect to navigate the menus with arrows rather than WASD, there seemed to be framerate drops when an alert first happened, moving slower when going diagonally didn't feel right, sound effects would be nice and are pretty crucial for stealth games. I'd expect to be able to close the inventory using the same key to open it. Some places when moving along the walls seemed to get caught.. but aside from the negatives, patrolling AI, alert states, security cameras, pretty good fundamentals dude! On one hand I think the doors should have to be opened with E, but on the other hand I was surprised when one automatically opened when I was trying to be sneaky, so maybe guards could react to you accidentally triggering a door sensor. Hope you keep working on it and posting progress!


Great design, hard but fair. I suck but did ~15 minutes of playtime. The design feels the way FTL does when you fail; you never feel like "that was bullshit!" but always it was your own fault, and its clear how to do better the next time. My one criticism is to make the respawn even faster. But I think the level design/mechanics is great, good job dude


Downloading from Google Drive was a little awkward. I tried to run it in Sandboxie and it crashed when hitting "lan host", maybe because I have it set to disallow network connections. Crash log: https://hastebin.com/usononiril.tex

Love the cyberpunk motif, wish the city matched it. And maybe a way to check ahead of time what prices will be in the city you're travelling to next, so you can buy black market stuff appropriately? And art assets for the different things.. character portraits for who you're going after.. Let us save the progress we've made on a warrant by remembering what details we've already entered. Getting info needs more gameification, there's not really any choices to make. Also show the average price we've bought black market things for, so we know if we're selling at a profit or not. Maybe connect the black market items to gameplay somehow, like using a neural pattern whatever while you're at a location to extract an additional detail.

How do you quit? I had to alt-f4 it.

But nice art, the theme feels cohesive. Short playthrough here.


Awesome, very VIDEOGAMES

I would have liked a quick way to get back from the tunnel with the armor pads. But yeah, fantastic. Maybe a melee attack with the ranged weapons?

Quick playthrough, the aspect ratio was fine, just shadowplay was messed up


14 mins video, no commentary

UI feels great, however the introduction puzzle seemed like trial and error. The different execution order/rhythm was confusing. After completing a level, what is the point of the intermediate thing before the next level? Just like a cutscene? Lastly I thought the up/down vs left/right controls were really comfy, however the movement options available to pick I'd rather see in a fixed position, so i always knew where to go to get the movement I wanted. But then again maybe random-ish is good because it makes you reconsider your options. Great game :)

Ten minutes of me failing at it (no commentary)

Couple thoughts, don't make us sit through the level intro again if we die and go back to the first checkpoint.

The canine leavings don't seem like a powerup, if anything wouldn't a cat want to avoid them?

Need more indication that the shield is about to fail. Sometimes I felt like my jump key didn't register.

But its solid with lots of polish, really good job dude

Not all the content in the screenshots is in the DD13 demo, sorry. Will keep working over the next couple days to put more in.

This version is garbage, come back tomorrow and I promise there will be more to do

Awesome game :^)


dank choice of beats

smooth startup / it worked

responsive UI

no long painful wait after dying to replay

After beating a mission it should automatically increment your map selector indicator

Didn't realize boosting was HOLD space

Nice GUI work, character creation buttons were a little small, and popup text could use a dark/opaque backing

The movement taking place when lifting the key felt kind of laggy, maybe try doing the movement when you first press the key down?

The inventory items pushing eachother around to make space was neat, but super laggy. And auto pickup so not having to drag items into the inventory would be nice.

Neat that WASD had the nine directions around it

I like that the summons weren't capped at two or three, it was fun to walk around with a murder of crows around me

I didn't get too far because it felt laggy after the first area, but this definitely feels like it could be a rewarding game to spend time in. It feels fair and balanced, and videogamey, nice job!

nitpick, but the running sound effect seems too fast for the run animation and the turn delay made it feel a little sluggish

Appreciated the ability to run in browser

I tried to enter the first set of doors too early (not centered enough) and when it didnt work i dismissed them as not enterable, maybe make the hotspot encompass the whole doorway?

The camera springiness makes it hard to keep my gaze on the character, maybe Im just a platformer noob though

I thought the stone pillar near the first bad guy was an impassible stone wall

Really good though, the art is nice and interactables gave it some depth

"The program can't start because LIBEAY32.dll is missing from your system."

Neat! The asset store would probably love this

Cool idea but GUI and stability need work (ex the header bar covers most of the available market items). Also buying two plague rat biles and an iron queen then hitting 'next turn' always makes me lose right away

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The bunny/monster pushed me out of the way then carried me around a bit!

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Happy demo day friendos

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Thanks for the feedback.

+1 Worked in browser out of the box

+1 engrish

+1 pop up windows

for screens that have an [x], just let us click outside the window to close it instead

+1 footprints in snow

+1 original art

+1 cutscene

+1 post effects (alcohol/blacking out)

would expect a description when clicking on inventory items

+1 ending


I like it! Its always amazing to see how distinct people can make their aesthetic within really tight pixel resolutions.

I hate it when people say "oh, you're making a [genre] game? You should check out ...". But it reminded me of this old game called Dinosaur Safari where you go back in time to take pictures of dinosaurs.

I like the puzzle of the frog behaviour interacting with the mechanics (digging holes or sneaking). I think there could be a lot of meaty gameplay in the space where behaviour meets mechanics, rather than jumping puzzles or avoiding danger. It reminds me of adventure games where you try and draw out an animal with bait, or block off exits so it can't escape. I think The Dig had some puzzles like that. You could add in multiple states to animals, so while it might be easy to collect data from a normal animal, one that was pregnant and hiding in a burrow/nest might be really hard to find or get at.

Biomes would be cool to see more of your art.

Its good to see more strategy games

Only showed "level clear" and "Cluster shot" and the level was empty :\

Otherwise, good fps and flow felt good, would be nice to play and see what the real version is like

Thanks for trying it out, I implemented your suggestion (auto-route in the top right) but it made the game feel more chaotic and outside the players control. Like sometimes you can rotate one thing, and the game will "accidentally" completed due to the auto routing happening to complete a path to the end. Its in there as an option but its toggled off by default, but thanks for the input still

Thanks for the feedback. The video helped me understand something I didn't plan on, that some people were starting at the end and working backwards to the start. I hear what you're saying about smashing random combinations rather than picking out clever moves. I'm going to experiment with a smaller board, but do you have any suggestions for how to make it feel more important to find shorter paths? Limited number of rotations maybe, but that feels like a cheap and arbitrary constraint.

Hey man, thanks for the review. I hear what you are saying about a "series 1, level 2" or whatever type progress indicator. Levels are randomly generated on the fly, so it was pretty funny to hear you talking about already playing some of them. But I'll see about changing to hand crafted maps, which would guard against what you pointed out as that one level that was just straight across.

And seriously, thanks for the overall encouragement!