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Thanks for the playthrough! I saw a couple things that need to be fixed. Especially when I message the player that its broken past a certain point, I need to word it so people don't take it as a challenge and keep going, lol. I think you saw everything that was working. The dev character was supposed to give you a copy of an ssh client to continue, but yeah, broken. I appreciate the playthrough.

To clarify, I don't mean I got a copyright strike, just that youtube said:

Your video has copyrighted audio that may affect its availability or result in ads being shown. While no action is required, if you wish to edit your video to address this, then you can attempt to remove the Content ID claimed song (below), or overlay new audio (right). 

So thats how it looks when you know what you're doing

I think the tutorial button text is wrong, my bomb seemed to be burst, and speed/dodge were reversed.  Great art, good game, I suck at action so I didn't play much. I felt like the bullets should have been easier to keep track of

Bunch of missing DLLs

Don't know if you changed the map generation just recently but its a lot more interesting now. I like smaller spaces where its almost possible to predict how/where your line is going to bounce over time. It gets tiring to predict after 3-4 bounces so I usually give up and just pick whatever. Direction buttons could be bigger

Played this more than I thought I would, but didn't really *like* it. I think its more random than I realize, so sometimes I just happen to get an easier map and do better, and randomly doing better tricked me into playing it more.  I suck at action games, but still some hazards were way too hard. Brief invuln on hit would be nice, since a lot of the time i'd get hit, then fall into a second spike and die. Less momentum on jumping would give more control, I usually felt locked in to whatever direction I was going. But being luck based depending on what obstacle sets you get is okay, its like one of those old flash games where you fire out of a cannon and bounce off certain things that add to your speed. Its okay, but only if the reset speed is fast, and being forced to wait through a death animation and score popup that took a couple seconds wasn't fun.  Was a nice surprise to see how many cosmetic unlockables you had. 

to sum up: needs faster reset, better air control, and puzzles that can be navigated through rather than just hoping they don't spawn this run

Lost my notes, but it was fairly fun, could use more interaction with the environment, and more strategic/tactical depth. 

Awesome, just like before. Its FUN. Nice X-COM style intro, the text could use a second pass. it'd be nice to have more ability to maneuver, but one hit kill enemies make it better to just stay in place and shoot or retreat/kite. But yeah, still great.

Didn't detect right ctrl, and my left one doesn't work so I didn't try out stuff like leaning or peaking, but thats okay because the most fun part was trying to depressurize the ship and suck everyone but me out into space. It took a second to figure out that you use "fire" to use the camera, not "use"but when I got the camera terminal/receiver up it hella lagged. Oh and I couldn't ctrl-c or ctrl-v to hack the terminals. But doing recon and luring enemies into a certain room with alarms or whatever, then sending them out into vacuum... that'd be awesome. I got close in the second video but it warped me though the door to kill me too :( Or the vacuum was so great i got sucked through the six inch gap in the second before the door closed. But for planning purposes I feel like I can't see enough of the map at once. First vid is general gameplay, second is where I deliberately tried to depressuze to win

Thought I took notes on this but I guess not, have some playtime

Bugged out right away, my defender platform thing broke/disappeared and all that was left was its health bar which  I could still rotate (around 2:05). I thought maybe it was the death state, but it stayed like that even after starting a new game. The buttons could use text labels. Also I sat at the "SOON" screen like a chump because I thought it was a cutscene. 

Mostly bug type stuff, enemies keep killing/attack me after I'm dead (which can be cool). Touching spikes from the side killed me. It'd be nice it I hit anything /within/ attack range, versus just whatever at the specific attack distance. The enemies are hard man, dang. but I suck at action games. Some locked doors you can get past by touching the trigger or whatever. Feels very responsive though!

The spear movement mechanic works! But it didn't seem like there was anywhere it was useful. But it did work.

My favorite demoday game! Everything is naturally cute without being too much. Even the foxes are a cute version of sexy, or a cute version of evil.  Selecting in the inventory felt broken when I had only one item. I dunno if I like having to pick up items vs just running over them. The walk speed was a little too slow, it made me want to run just for expediency even though in most cases it'd just get me caught. The camera was good. I was able to run through the whole level and win, but it still felt good because there were enough ways to dodge the foxes that it still felt gamey. Great job!

The particles made it hard to see exactly where the paddle was, rather it should feel very solid. Easy to lose track of the projectile in the railroad tracks. The scrolling background was cool, it gave it a weirdly asymmetric speed. The randomly placed barrier was kinda cool. But yeah, pong/10.

Muddy movement, couldn't throw kets into things abusively. Needs more per-ket art so you don't have to hunt to find the breeder you want. The food model going down was a nice touch. Ket cannon had a good sound. Some brutal ai/collision issues in the water bowl at the end of the video

I suck at action games, so with that in mind: D-pad would be nice. The remap keys process should have been automatic in the beginning, or at least more noticeable. I think all the bullets and cuh-razy explosions made me think I was supposed to John Woo/Rambo the level, so I ended up sucking pretty bad, when maybe I should have taken it slower. The art is nice, its a good vareity of enemies and angles. not my kind of game but I played longer than I thought i would!

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Space key sometimes works for jump, but not always? Made it feel buggy. Faster reset for the cog puzzle, it felt like mostly a guessing puzzle, so a quick reset would be nice. The cutscene scripting seems solid, and the timing/motion feels right. Some dialogues are too long. I'd prefer a normal third person camera movement with RMB, or at least change MMB to something less painful/more natural to use to realign the view. 

But pretty good overall! I was a little disappointed there wasn't more content because I remember seeing other environments being posted. But its got movement, cutscenes, dialogue, puzzles.. you could definitely make this into a thing. Also the character design of the aliens looks nice. Got a copyright claim on the music

More feedback for why a move didn't work would be helpful, I found myself just spamming out RMB and hoping. I suck at action games, but I can see with a  smoother system the grappling and swinging could be really fun. The character design is cool. I did eventually learn to wallrun, but not well enough to combine it with swinging and grappling. Also it didn't seem like I could build up momentum with swinging. But congrats on getting it this far

I suck at actions games, and I've never played a Souls-like, so with that in mind: a lot of the time the game felt unresponsive, like I was merely suggesting something the character to do, and sometimes it would or wouldn't. I don't know if this is the Souls style design where you have to plan your attacks and commit to the whole animation, but to me it felt frustrating and like I wasn't in control. A good example is trying to move, but I can't until the enemy is done attacking me. Another critique is the enemy design, its easy to see where they are but its hard to distinguish their movements, like what they're about to do. Their core/torso just seemed like a dark mass. The warhammer felt weak compared to just spamming LMB attack. But I'm not an action game player so!

It feels like you get hung up on objects too easily. Its too dark to see. The camera movement when you're standing still is annoying. Can't "turn" upwards if you're already colliding with the thing, but you also can't view/interact from the side. There wasn't enough feedback for what happened when collecting a blinking thing. Clunky movement, felt like I should be able to move through places that i couldn't. But the art feels potentially good, its just too dark to see it! And you've got items, combat, interaction..  its a good start! Some of the train tracks seemed nonsensical.

The art style fits across 2D and 3D nicely. The shadow shader is cool. Didn't like stamina affecting move speed, and it needs more instructions re click vs hold, defend vs bash, what is sprint, I guess. But pretty cute.

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I was confused that ESC didn't popup a menu. The way the view moved with the mouse felt weird at first, but I got used to it while moving, but not inside the tent. The pause before the sword swing is a little annoying, wish it was faster. I got confused when trying to shield at first because due to the orientation it wasn't showing up (clipped by the player sprite I guess) so I thought it was maybe broken. The tips text character was a lot at once. Saving after killing the dog was a nice touch. The music was really quiet, and I didn't have any sound I don't think.  I suck at action games, sorry I didn't get farther!

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I suck at platformers, so prepare to wince. The purples and enemies in general looked good, except the cloaked-type character, I think their saturation was too similar to the background so it didn't look good. But maybe thats part of the cloak effect. I got confused after being revived at a savepoint and went the wrong direction for a bit. The glowstick throwing enemy has a nice arc. Players death animation is pretty brutal. I didn't realize you can shoot upwards (due to my suckiness). For the boss fight, it felt like sometimes the boss wasn't being hit even though it seemed like it should be. Also having to jump up on the boxes was tough for me because I kept wanting to double jump as soon as I could, instead of holding the button down for the full initial jump. Again I'm a pleb at these, so I never got the hang of it. Also the boss elements moved outside of the areas I was allowed to move through, so it felt like I was constantly getting gimped by the level geometry. But overall, nice, Im sure a veteran platformer player would enjoy it. I realized it didn't detect my controller because it wasn't plugged in, which probably would have made a difference, the z/x/c really sucked to try and use. Around 8:25 there is some kind of bug where I can't jump and shoot, however the ammo counter still goes down.

Looking really good! It was almost frustrating that I had to do combat and couldn't just fly around looking at the sweet scenery.  The buttons moving around in the menu didn't feel right. Bug: when I was in first person and got blown up, the death cam showed the green HUD spiralling down (instead of the fuselage). Some playthrough:

A little overwhelmed by all the screen elements/intro process, and then I couldn't progress past the stealth tutorial because my left-ctrl key is broken and I dreaded going through the menus to look for a rebind

Really nice! I'm not any good at shooters so I was going to skip it, but since you've been around agdg i figured I should try it.

Pros: Feels FUN, exciting, kickback from the machinegun is satisfying

Cons: One bug, a big white square over a big part of the screen, you can see it in the video. Also some significant slowdowns, however they helped me tactically. Sometimes art assets aren't clear, like the construction cones for I thought were mines, and the mine I thought was something else. Also the sound effects, while they feel right for an arcade game, I think they could just be better. Didn't know what the timer at the top was for since nothing happened when it ran out in the laboratory level.


The levels I think could use more "story" to them, obviously not like NPCs but maybe some implied depth like storefronts you can't go in, maybe people watching from inside windows, something to make the gameworld feel more alive. Keyboard controls might be not great, or maybe its my bad skills. It was sometimes hard to know where to look, and the enemies didn't stand out enough (to this pleb). Last criticism I'd expect enemies to trip mines and die, but nice gameplay balance by letting the minelayers live to focus on more immediate threats, but then ending up with a gauntlet to get through.

Just came back to say, I actually replayed this for fun. Videogames needs fun like this.

Would love a double jump


About the tree fader shader, I found it distracting, its fancy but the transition is too eye-catching, maybe if it was not such a huge change. But the parallax was nice, little details like the leaves were nice, fancy text effects in the dialogue. Maybe more of an indicator when the float is about to run out, I had a hard time trying to time it, it felt like you really plummet hard when you can't float any more (but Im also bad at these games). I think the theme of the game is strong, everything feels like it goes together, nice job!

Cute! I'm terribad at platformers so its not my kind of game, but the graphics and music and characters all fit together nicely. The bombs felt out of place though. But the pop at the end of Whimps death sequence is super cute. Would like a faster respawn and base movement speed. Also you can see in the video running into a wall gets me into sprint mode (not dash) which I dunno if its intentional. Disappointed the enemies from progress posts weren't in! No one to absorb..



a bold move

I enjoyed this, the complete lack of context of the guy made him even spookier. And the way he sort of tries to get nearer to you without just flat out rushing you seems.. realistic? Also cool how walking against sloped surfaces doesn't just stop you but pushes you in the available direction.

For real, the chasing felt unsettling, 10/10 but the sideways direction in the main/intro scene was too slow. Heres a couple minutes of playing until it crashed

Potentially pretty fun, I like the turn based shooting and that you can shoot down projectiles with lasers. The rotating didn't seem to always work, and I could only rotate between 1-2 directions. But I like where this could go, here's acouple minutes of gameplay footage, sound would help. Also the ability to continually play instead of having to keep clicking the turn button

No bugs that I saw! But why do the levels look different in the screenshots than in the game? Sound would really help this game, also I found myself wanting to fast foreward through the waves pretty quick, so maybe theres needs to be more of a reason to "watch" versus just skipping to the end. Cannons seem a little OP, and snipers seem underpowered. Having multiple paths where you can only "see" parts of them at a time from a different position is cool.

Played a couple minutes, but my left control and left alt don't work so I couldn't punch anyone. Immediate feedback, I'd expect to navigate the menus with arrows rather than WASD, there seemed to be framerate drops when an alert first happened, moving slower when going diagonally didn't feel right, sound effects would be nice and are pretty crucial for stealth games. I'd expect to be able to close the inventory using the same key to open it. Some places when moving along the walls seemed to get caught.. but aside from the negatives, patrolling AI, alert states, security cameras, pretty good fundamentals dude! On one hand I think the doors should have to be opened with E, but on the other hand I was surprised when one automatically opened when I was trying to be sneaky, so maybe guards could react to you accidentally triggering a door sensor. Hope you keep working on it and posting progress!

Great design, hard but fair. I suck but did ~15 minutes of playtime. The design feels the way FTL does when you fail; you never feel like "that was bullshit!" but always it was your own fault, and its clear how to do better the next time. My one criticism is to make the respawn even faster. But I think the level design/mechanics is great, good job dude