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Take care and hope everything goes well!

Usually, this happens when you don't have cookies enabled. Try enabling them, or downloading the file and playing it locally.

Hey there, doing the finishing touches on the new update. It should be up sometime tomorrow or the day after.


Glad that you've been liking it so far!

Okay, modified that part so it's a textbox now instead of a prompt. You should now be able to name your character.

If you're using Chrome, they decided to remove window prompts in the way handled by

I'll be looking to see what I can do about it, but you could always try downloading the file and playing locally, or playing in Firefox/Edge where it's still working as expected.

Hmm, let me check that. Local version works fine, need to double check if it's something with

Next update is still a little ways down the road, but hope it fulfills your expectations!

Thanks! Glad you like it and hopefully the people over there will too :)

Liking the game so far, shame that we can't do more with Daniel yet >.>

He deserves some serious smooching after all that happens to him!

Can access them all now. Thanks!

Can't seem to get Day 3 for Ronan or Firen, even when having both texted them on Day 1 and going to school on Day 2 with them. The same thing for Lash, though can't seem to get his Day 2 event either (unless it's the Aero scene?). I'm seeing the new images and the Roland path though, so doubt it's a cache issue :/.

If it helps, I'm choosing Communication as Major and spending the very first night with Richard.

Top right. Just go to and from that space until you get the alpha encounter instead of regular one.

Not sure how it is with the new version, but on the previous ones you could only get it by starting the werewolf quest and choosing Logan over Bernard

Isn't this one made on Twine though?

Focus on the boss. If you beat him, other wolves go down with him iirc.

During the afternoon talk with Zorro at your home and select "Where is my uniform?"

You need to do the Trald hangout at the park until you get the wolf. After that, the option should appear when talking with him, or at least that's what worked for me.