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Buen juego, cortito pero intenso, me lo he pasado muy bien jugándolo.
Good game, short but intense. I enjoyed playing it.

i was playing this game for my channel as "the most extrange game I never play" It was fun but sometimes my monitor was not clear enough to see doors or buttons

Hi, I just bought this generator for my rpg games. It's ok but I miss two important things for me: 

- First: instructions. I don't know what "N", "W", "G" means. Maybe north, west? I don't know. Also there is a draw with the shape of a circle... what it does? It moves all the rooms but I don't know why.

- Second:  drag rooms to order them.

Can anyone help me about the first point? Thanks.

I was playing last weekend. It was funny. 

It was very funny. Also notice that is translated to spanish. I was playing live in youtube and was funny play with other people telling me what to do. 

Is possible to add an option to  mute the voices? I know is a great job but for non-english people can be a little annoying, thanks!

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Hi, I don't want to open a lot of threats about gameplay,  so I will post here mine too. Hope you like it. 

Juegazo, pasé miedo de verdad. Os dejo mi gameplay en español de Close your Eyes: