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Hello I made this I'm unsure if it will fit in to your game or not

I'll pass I do hope you get a lot of people to join this is for a really good cause

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unfortunately no

Hello are you allowed to upload android only game's

The art and music was really good if you put the music up for download I would definitely download it

Hello everyone I recently uploaded my game multiFighter

And I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some feedback

Here's the game

multiFighter is a android fighting game it's still in development and it's still bugy but is a playable game that I put a lot of love and work into

i hope that you will consider giving it a try I would love any feedback that your may have

I still plan to add more content to the game over time right now the game has 4 playable characters 3 playable levels and 4 game modes


You're welcome good luck

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This is a really fun game it has a lot of potential I did notice that if you go to the shop or settings on the main menu and go back the buttons don't go back to the right place also the bullets are hard to see if they are over the road but nothing game brokeing