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I hope to see a full version in the future :P .

same. i made blasteroids x which i have released the final build so its complete and now i'm working on a platformer game that will be free with dynamic trails and was made with Mark Browns Game Design Philosophies.

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wait..... you took out the beetle powerup for demo!

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what is in the new one. like ur profile pic btw :)

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are you a single developer? or multiple developers?

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does this have dynamic jumping? the first one didnt

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You should give free copies of the sequels to previous users of the game

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thx 👍😃

i need anyone i can get. plz comment if you need a programmer!

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I need to find an artist because i can program pretty well in gml but i need sprites

im bad at drawing but getting better with a pixel art course i bought for $10 that heartbeast made. Original Price: $200

Thx :)

My email is Venabob56@gmail.com

I would love for you to send me a mp3 file of a laser gun like *pew* only one shot though thx!

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!Screenshot Contest!

whoever posts the best screenshot of Blasteroids X below gets beta.*Post your email too