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This was a beautiful piece about these two characters that I'm already in love with from the other game! I can't express how much I adored the intimacy and the queerness and the complexity of gender and insecurity. (As a queer, nonbinary, transgender person, there was much I really fell in love with just seeing those identities represented so warmly on the page.) As someone who is mentally ill, I really also appreciated seeing Lev's cocktail of meds with their names preserved because, in a way, those names are already kind of fantastical but also very, very real.  Just this whole piece felt so real, and these characters were so flawed and compelling, and something I also adored was the dialogue and the affection and personality with which they spoke to one another, Lev's nervousness present in the way that they used their words and their pauses, and then Anzu's drawling kind of sweetness with his use of "darling." I just loved this piece quite a bit, and I hope to see more of them! 

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This game was absolutely beautiful. The visuals were stunning, inspiring me to think about ways to improve my own twines in progress. As a nonbinary transgender person, I adored the way that this character piece was about gender. I loved the unapologetic queerness of it. The worldbuilding was subtle but rich, and it just made me want to know more about everything. I hope I get the chance to see more of these characters. 

this game has such a peaceful, small town charm. it has some great summery vibes and was an absolute delight to play!