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That's so awesome! I'm glad you got surprised :D Thanks so much for playing and for the very nice words!

There’s always something nice in a well crafted itch page. 

And I’m so glad you did! I think this might be my favourite game of the jam! 

What a great, well rounded game! You've managed to fit so many things into such a well put together package. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Could definitely zen out to this and play for hours. Well done! :D

What a fantastic game! I had so much fun playing this and the humour throughout was absolutely delightful. I really enjoyed this submission end to end! Thanks for making such a great game :D

That's so wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for playing it and saying such kind things. <3

Hey, just a heads up, I think I found a bug in your game. I got to the end fine, but I think there is something playing in the background where someone is cutting onions. But seriously, a great game! Well done as per usual.

Also AMAZING voice acting! Seriously raised it to a whole new level. I'm going to have to add it to my games in the future. Well done to the whole team <3

What a great take on the theme. This is a really nice submission. I love how chaotic it can get when trying to watch for what needs to be made and getting all the bits in the right order. Nicely done!

I have to reflect on what schubasteve234 said and that at some point I feel like I became one with the cubes. Though I broke way more than just one. Really neat entry and I can see where you were getting to with it. Would love to see you spend more time on it!

Nice submission and good take on the theme. Well done :)

What a twist! Such a nice game and a really fun take on the theme. Awesome job :D

Hey, this is a great start on that! Once the jam is over, definitely room to hone your skills more and make it into a longer story. Would be a lot of fun!

Yeah, that's absolutely fair. I'll give it a go on controller in a bit. The movement is just so responsive, it's so slick. Good work!

And I do want to explicitly call out that it didn't impact my fun on the game. I seriously enjoyed this entry!

Thanks so much! I figured I’d do a small game this time, ended up being just as much work trying to make it good 😅 glad you liked it!

awesome! It just took a little extra patience, but was super awesome regardless! 

Woohoo! What a great twist on a classic. I really enjoyed this approach to the theme and it's so polished too. Really well done overall! Great job :D

Yess! That is such a neat concept! I really loved the other character helping out along the way, super well done. Then BAM that twist, so good. I was wondering where it was going after that first jump. Very impressive. Well done!

Nice entry! The UI and art style were super cool. I really like the aesthetic a lot. Was fun to put together a bunch of ingredients to see what I got. Keep it up :D

Nice entry! I like where you're going with it. It was a good level of challenge once I got into things :) Keep up the good work!

Once in the flow, this game is super zen! Nice entry :D

What a great take on the theme! This was so much fun wrapped up into 5 levels! Would be so excited to see where you took this if you wanted to work on it after the jam.

Well done!

What fun! That was really neat. Looks very cool too. Nice entry :D :D

As soon as you add cards to a game, I am hooked! Well done on this entry, it's really neat! Would love to see where you take this :D

>Why do all of the things I love go unfinished or get canceled?

I cannot overstate this enough! Nice entry :D

Nice approach to the theme! There was one point where my foot prints just didn't happen, so couldn't orient myself very well, but otherwise it was a fun experience. Great submission!

Seriously such a cool/complete game! I was already happy to see your itch page was nicely put together, then the game was awesome too! Damn, what a great submission! I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the theme, it came together super well and the story was so awesome. Nicely done!

Nice entry! I really enjoyed having to learn all the cues so that I could do things properly, but once in the rhythm I had it down. Great entry!

Neat concept! Well done :D Walking through the steps of how to get each part done was super helpful. I can definitely see getting into a flow state and playing this for awhile :D Nice entry!

Super neat concept! I really enjoyed bouncing between mini games to get the final weapon together. The art style was so nice and clean. All together a really great entry! Thanks so much :D

Damn! So good! The controls felt so satisfying to use, was loads of fun! I only played it on my own, so didn't manage to get super far, but this is such a nice entry! Will definitely play with others as soon as I get the chance.

I was wanting to know if you'd thought about the move/shoot cycle. My only issue (and it was small) was that I was always shooting in the direction I was facing. This became super difficult when loads of enemies had spawned into an area. If I could get a good dodge/jump/shoot rhythm going I could clear the space, otherwise it was death. I know that separating move/shoot for controllers can be a pain, but wondered if you'd thought about mitigation for it?

That to say, it was a wonderful game and I look forward to playing it with more people! Such a great entry :)

Ahh yes, the embrace the chaos! But on a serious note, you raise a good point that the addition of a tutorial after the explosion would be good. Even just a “you can pick this up and place it here” type thing. 

Thanks for playing and for the kind words! I appreciate :)

Such awesome polish! This game feels so nice to play! I really love the aesthetic and the work you put into the controls. It feels so smooth and enjoyable to play. Great job :D

Nicely done! I'm so impressed with the amount of content you put together in just 48 hours! Well done :D I'm usually too terrible at platformers to enjoy them properly, but this was a lot of fun!

Nice execution. Tight gameplay. Was fun experimenting with different builds to see what worked best for me. Well done!

Haha, that's so awesome! Thank you for sharing that with me.

That's very odd that it wasn't working for you. Only thing off the top of my head is if you have a non-QWERTY keyboard. The way I set things up might have meant it didn't work for you. Either way, if you re-map the controls in the pause menu, that might be a way around it?

Thanks for letting me know! I'll see if I can reproduce and fix it after the jam :)

What a neat game! It was so satisfying going through all of the individual parts of making the swords. I've just watched Adam Savage's making a sword videos on YouTube, so this is right up my alley for game play! It's come together so well. Awesome entry!

Woohoo! That is seriously so awesome! Not only did you get the best time for order, but it was also shorter than the best time for chaos. That is truly impressive!

Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot to hear that you've enjoyed it :)

Hey! That's no worries! If you really want, you can put them together in whatever way you see fit :D Thanks so much for playing and for the nice words. I really appreciate it.

Hey! Thanks for the response! I’m going to +1 that improvement. I was actually working on doing that in an airport on my last day. I think my brain had fried by then so I couldn’t quite get it working well enough to keep it in. I totally agree that would make it a lot better! 

Thanks so much for playing the game! 

>Ready to relax?
Heck yeah I am! And that I did. What a chill game, such a neat concept for taking the 4 color wild card and _mixing_ it with the theme. Nice work! Lots of fun :D

What a neat mechanic! I think that the enemies came a little too fast to recover, but I would love to see this being expanded into a longer game where you could explore the mechanic a bit more. Really nicely done :D