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Windows version works now, though it's a bit laggy, might just be me. Linux version still returns the .NET error.

Sorry for being a dick, good luck in the future.

How do I change what directory it installs to?

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That takes me through the whole rigmarole of installing the .NET runtime, despite me having already done so. I don't want to have to go through the whole process and all that complicated terminal stuff rarely does anything useful on my device. With all due respect, I am the user, you are the developer, it's your job to make it accessible.

I think it might be a problem with me using the Linux environment on my Chromebook rather than actual Linux. Upon entering the command 'dreambox' the terminal returned with '-bash: dreambox: command not found'. I tried 'exec dreambox' and it returned '-bash: exec: dreambox: not found'.

Running the Windows version through Wine returns the following error message:

I am using the latest version of Wine, according to my termin

Just thinking a Debian version would make this available to Chromebook users.