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Fantastic - great work!

Great little cusomizer so far! Can make many different faces with it.
Add: Skin_Colour, Eye_Colour, Hair-Colour, Lip_styles, Hair_styles

Looks good, sound-loop and controls are ridiculous - impossible to play.

Nice one. Thanks.

Ah, I see - it's a different source. Thanks anyway Robbo.
Hopefully Niko will update it for me- I did ask him a few years back but he said he wasn't focusing much time on CopperCube.
Really impressed with your API work and Saturn7's development. Nice one.

This is great Robbo! Well done mate.

...are you able/willing to edit the CopperCube GUI slightly?
-if so, I'd love to fund the following 2 alterations:

1- copy/paste actions (using Ctrl-b & Ctrl-j).
2- make the "Edit Actions" window resizable, or at least larger than 3 lines.

Anyway- great work! I think I recall you asking about spot-lights and somehow you've managed to implement the features to the Source yourself. Astounding work.

I had a look on Steam and the final release appears to support only GameGuru (Old Version). Sadly I think the project was abandoned before Coppercube support was added. Good news is that it's based on Google Blockly - so anyone with skill can add the coppercube API to Google Blockly. I'm considering outsourcing someone to do it for us.

This looks awesome!

Would you consider making a version of this for CopperCub'es JavaScript API (with export to .js) please? I would love to fund the CopperCube version with monthly donations.

This looks absolutely amazing! Well done.

You're welcome 7mond. Good luck with your release. Thank you!

Hi 7mond, I made the burning animations using a software I purchased here on - I think it's called "juice effects" (it may have been fluid effects). The guy ripped me off a bit because I paid for a bundle but he didn't give me all the software inthe bundle, he wanted me to pay again for "SpriteMancer" and some others - so I don't really support the dev any more, he was quite sarcastic in his comments and emails to me. - although it is good software to be fair.

I then added the animations from Fluid/Juice Effects to the cards in CopperCube by using "animate texture" behaviour - basically it's just a series of still  images, played one-after-another as a texture on a 2D plane. I used the same method for the frog when he runs out of time in the "Watchmaker's Frog" game - he gets sliced in half and half of him floats down the screen. Once you get the hang of it, you can use it for all sorts of effects in coppercube. I also use the free animations from footage-crate (for blood-splatter, fire explosions etc).

Love it - That's really cool! Nice idea.

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You're welcome. It's really nice software! Quick and simple for building game-assets - literally takes a few seconds. Great for low-poly pistol and rifle models - will also be great for low-poly buildings/shipping-crates/cars/vans/lorries etc.

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*Solved - fixed it by changing texture resolution of image to POT values. Doesn't seem to calculate the edges properly. It adds alpha transparency where it should be solid texture.....

Sure thing - no worries at all. You can set a limit like this....
Every few seconds (30ms): If variable "Ammo" >100, Set variable "Ammo" =100

So, now,  if the ammo goes above 100, it resets to 100.

You can do the same for a lower limit, to stop ammo going below 0.....
Every few seconds (30ms): If variable "Ammo" <0, Set variable "Ammo" =0

So, now,  if the ammo goes below 0, it resets to 0.

Thank you Mohamad - you are very kind.

Thank you.

Can you add a scripting reference that pastes the code into the editor when you click it?

Thank you! 

Thank you Tahmeed!

Here's the first one - it uses collision boxes (which follow the characters) to physically prevent the enemies walking into the same space (by adding "collide when moved" to the characters so it collides with the boxes). *I'll add the other two methods and update the ccb file for you soon.

Scroll down to the "Prevent_Enemy_Bunching" ccb file

Thank you! Great ideas! I've nearly finished the car controller today. Yes, I can add 1st person shooter, then 3rd person car/tank/helicopter. I'm making procedural city too, it's working but needs refining to make it generate a more realistic city.

Ah, I understand what you mean. Yes, that's an issue.

The 3 main thing you can do are: 1- use collision-boxes, to prevent the enemies occupying the same physical space, 2- use on proximity events, to prevent bunching of enemies by using a.i. commands, 3- use a variable to prevent the enemies killing each other, by making the bullet detect which target it's hits, then do zero damage whenever an enemy hits another enemy.

I'll try to make a simple ccb for you today with all 3 ideas for you to look at.

You're welcome, that's kind of you, don't need to credit me. I'm happy to help if I can. Can you explain a bit more = what you mean with the enemies grouping together when shooting the player. I'm pretty sure I can fix it for you using on proximity events.

I made a quick demo for you: vp_enemy_waves....

Sure. I'll make a ccb for you tomorrow and upload it.

Here's your game so far with a list of what's been done already and what I'm working on this week. Please test it and let me know if it runs well on your 4GB RAM system. Thank you!

Hi 7mond, that's great. I'll start a new page for the project and I can split it into separate ccb files for you. I made a few low-poly buildings and other models last night, which I'll upload for you today and place a link to the project page here.

OK, so I'm making a start on a new game for you with the car and helicopter. I'll make the vehicles first, then the city, then finally some people, enemy vehicle and some missions. You can test each part - as I make it - to make sure it's still working on your system. If you like, you can post some ideas or photos of your favourite helicopter and car - I'll make them as low-poly models for you. I'm thinking of making the city very simple, but procedurally generated, so it's different each time you play - and the building will be destructable. We can decorate it with textures, grass and trees etc.

Thank you so much Tahmeed702! You're very kind.

You're welcome! Yes, I'll see what I can do - next week I'll make a special version with much less clutter to see how it runs on 4GB RAM.

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Hi 7mond! Yes, the helicopter part of Rebel County is very similar to Escape from Manhattan. Rebel County is a bit better (in my opinion), the copter flies a lot better and is more realistic in Rebel County. You can drop flares from the helicopter to defeat enemy heat-seaking missiles. Rebel County is early access, so the game is nowhere near finished yet. Rebel County also has cars (with skid-marks), planes (with missiles) and bikes (which lean) but they are disabled in the current version.

*You may (possibly) be able to test the car by pressing keyboard "1", but I can't remember if it still works or not.

I need to update Rebel County so that all vehicles are working. I've paused development for the moment but will definitely go back and work on it. If you want to suggest some specific ideas for a helicopter game, I'd be happy to try to develop the game/ccb for you for free.

You're very welcome!

Hi Akxolo - Good luck with your game! Gladto hear you like my Pack
There are 3 main methods that will work to transfer the models...
1- You can open the ccb file and right click any model, then click "Export Model", you can then import it to anything you like.
2- You can open the ccb file, then delete anything form the scene which you don't want to use, then save it as a prefab to import to your game.
3- If you can import the ccb file into your own game, all the models will be imported.

Thanks thevistadev, I think I'm using CopperCube 6.5.1

I make some small games/projects using CopperCube game engine - I do some writing, art, music, modeling - just a hobby, for free.

You're welcome.

Hi Tahmeed702 - glad you like the game. I can do a complete tutorial for it in the future, I'm just super busy at the moment.

It's a very basic game demo - you can open the ccb file in Coppercube and see the behaviours/actions (I never use any scripting) - the map is just a scan from Sketchfab. 

If you want to, you can use my ccb file to make your own game, simply by swapping the models for your own and then copy/pasting the behaviours from my models to yours.

You're welcome!