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I know it's random to say but I love the particle effects and the sounds help make the game more satisfying. I enjoyed it and the challenge! This is a really great first game! I can barely wait to work in 3D myself.

In future some time, the game may be getting fixed up a little bit if I am able to get around to it. Most time I have free is being put into my other project - PipeWorks!

I liked it! The music, sound effects, and polish on the art style and menu are fantastic. The motion from input feels like I don't have much control though and the creature doesn't feel like it moves enough from it.

I'm not good at it, but I love the look and feel and the music fits the feel really good! I laughed when they saw me holding the gun, I found it funny.  Also, the concept is really cool! I like the twist on a race.

Note: the camera view may be wonky when first opening, if so, maximizing the screen should fix the issue!

I know the Jam is over but I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the results! Made some small tweaks to the game that should hopefully make it more fun. I might do like evilduckk said and make it a bigger game! Thank you all for the feedback.

Definitely one of the best games! I felt my heart shrivel a little when Carmen died. The gameplay is a bit bare but it serves the story and atmosphere well. The sounds are great! The music matches the tone of the depressing inevitability of Carmen's death and really sell the story. The graphics are pretty good too! I like the use of the theme as well to create a game about desperately needing heat. 

Yeah, the bursting pipes are a little wonky especially at the beginning. I'm glad you had fun though and wanted more! That means a lot to hear!

Thank you! Yeah, the mechanic could of used better clarification and design. Thank you for the feedback though! I'm really enjoying the jam! It's such a relief to submit the game!

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I agree with evilduckk, it can be a bit fast to get the hang of it, but it is fun to play! It seems really hard to get the steak just right, I keep getting in the negatives! I do love the look and feel a lot though, and nice sound effects for cooking! The game over screen sound is a little loud, though.

I can't wait to see what gets created!

That's all

Since it technically already begun


Alright, post to the forum when you make it! Let's hope this works out!

You hosting it Lucc?

Sounds great!

Alright, who do you think should host?

Should we host it separate in case the game jam is taken down or should we stay here?

Good luck everyone!

wether or not this is a prank we can still do this! I'm going to go with heat!

The jam is started and there's no theme yay!


I'm a little peeved

Well no theme seems to be announced do we do anything????

Good luck Lucc!

Thank you! I'm nervous and excited but I'm sure it'll be a whole lot of fun (Let's hope there's a theme haha!)

Maybe it was meant to be released at the beginning time and was just worded weird, shrug. 2 more jams than I've been in!

Does this happen a lot in jams?

Guess we just wait?

I just want to say that I'm really excited for the upcoming days and this is my first game jam I've ever done!