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I'm a hobbyist in India who didn't even know about this jam or even IGDC. Will this jam happen again or will there be any more jams hosted by you guys ? 

I had more fun in a few mins with this game then I did with hours in other games. Amazing work man :)

Love the art and music. Nice boss designs as well. I did feel that the difficulty was a little too high though....

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Here's mine. It's my first jam and I have a simple but rather unique idea (If I do say so myself.....)

Game :

I almost peed  myself at that point....

Wow......never thought people would take extreme measures like this  XD XD

It's just a competition....yeesh

Frankly....I'll be honest that I'm just relieved my game's rank is roughly 1300 to 1500 ish    XD XD XD 

Either's true. These rankings may not represent your game as much as you feel they should. However, such is life.......

and there are plenty of game jams to go around. More opportunities to improve on how you design your games and the overall quality of your style of design.

Pro game dev's have to face this stuff every day. Where reviews and rates can either cripple or really help in their game's success. What do you think would happen if they gave up after seeing a few bad rates. We wouldn't have any more games.......

 (   OH god ..... O_O......shouldn't have thought about that )

Point being, don't give up. I certainly won't. Definitely going to make more games. This is the only interesting hobby I have after all.........

P.S   Congrats to the devs who got the ratings they deserve though :D. Good job guys

Well I suppose so..... anyway, it was a good learning experience.

I'm just happy my rank is under 2000 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I suppose this makes sense.....but of course, it can be abused like anything

This works for smaller jams, but not for something of this size.

 Also, if "design" is the only criteria on which the final list is going to be based on.......why have other criterias in the first place ? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks for playing man :)

Really appreciate the feedback

Great idea and visual style.

I felt that you could have made it a little more better wrt how you control the car since I would always overturn.....but it's rather nice none the less. One of those games where mindless fun is all you need to have a good time :)

P.S it's absolutely hilarious when you go out of bounds XD

If at all you can..... mine is definitely unique ( If I do say so myself......)

Rate :

Game :

Here's hoping you enjoy.........and maybe get addicted ;)

Thanks for playing and rating man :)

I thought it best to not really disrupt the flow of the game since that's what the game is actually about XD

Damn.....Did not expect this kind of a game.

Very original, very nice job overall. I don't really have any qualms either

Here's mine....

Rate :

Game :

Here's hoping you enjoy.........and maybe get addicted ;)

Great concept and pixel art 

Can get a little too chaotic when you have to deal with the shooting enemies as well as try and search for the particular enemy you have to kill.........

Still an interesting game and a concept I would like to see more of :)


As of this moment, the timer currently says that there are roughly 10 hours left for voting to end in this jam. Which is actually 5 hours for me cus I'll be sleeping at that time  XD XD XD.

Since this was my first jam ( and hopefully one of many if life permits.........) I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played my game and gave such awesome feedback. To all those whose games I rated, thank you for the experiences. I think I even have the exe's for the ones I liked the most stored somewhere around here in my comp :)

To all those who I couldn't rate, I'm really sorry I couldn't. My internet seems to function only when it wants to........

I also want to give a shot-out to @Jordan Han who was responsible for the first bad fan art page in this jam. He's also probably swamped with games right now XD.

Wow....never thought my game would spark up so much discussion ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

With regards to your first question, I thought it would be a little unoriginal to use one-platform. Which is why I thought of using a pair of platforms. It's still only one ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

For your second question.....

In the beginning, the rate at which the platforms move will steadily increase. At a certain point, the speed remains the same and if the player was able to survive that long.......they would have basically caught on to a particular rhythm in the game and could maybe continue for as long as they wish.

( As long as they stay in that rhythm )

Thanks a lot for the thoughts on my game. I really appreciate it :)

Who would have thought a lot of badly drawn (beautifully drawn.....if I'm being honest ๐Ÿ˜) fan art would become the most replied and viewed thread in this jam XD.

BTW Love the fan art you gave for my game and for everyone else's. Phenomenal job man ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Thank you for playing :)

Thanks for commenting as well.

However......may I know why you were debating ? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks for playing and for the new ideas man :)

I'll definitely try and implement some of these ideas after the jam........... hopefully life will permit XD

Thank you for playing man :)

I appreciate the feedback

Most definitely over the top :D

Please do it :)

I've honestly wanted to make a game of a similiar style.......where attacking enemies gets you health( or in your case..time) . Nice to see that you guys did it. Except I felt that the amount of health regained wasn't as much as it really should be which kind of lead to frustration.

The humor is a nice touch,and as the title says it's very bloody and gory. Nothing like a lot of blood violence to make you feel better :)

In it's current state, it's decent at best......... but if you guys could work on it more, maybe make things VERY over the might have a good game on your hands.

The pixel art is rather nice as well :)

Alright you like DOS-ish games and cherries ?

Rate :

Game :

Here's hoping you enjoy.........and maybe get addicted ;) is definitely the best :)

This is a legit doubt I have.....

Everyone ( including me :P ) is scrambling for ratings and feedback, but I honestly have a question about these ratings. This is my first jam so I'm a little confused.....

Do the number of rates you get actually matter ?

What if you get a lower number of rates but people vote you're game rather high ?

Is that better than having a high number of rates where people submitted some mixed votes ?

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing man :)

I did think of making only one platform.....but then I realised that a lot of people would do the same ( which they did.....)

So then I thought I'd cheat a little and make it "only one" pair of platforms ๐Ÿ˜‚

The animations for the main character were actually rather good.

Music as well was rather relaxing.

I liked how psychadelic the art and desgin of the game is. Rather nice. I felt it was a little confusing how the level would just change......but a good game none the less.

Here's of writing this post, I'm currently at 40 ratings......

Hopefully you could make it 41 :)

Rate :

Game :

Here's hoping you enjoy.........and maybe get addicted ;)

Great pixel art and music.

I felt that the controls could have been better......but a nice game over-all

Well either way.......thanks for playing man.

Glad you found it relaxing :)

Great to hear :)

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This definitely describes it. Except the game has cherries. Not apples.

Thanks for doing this man :)

Loved the design and the visuals man.

This is also honestly one of the more interesting ideas I've found in this jam.

Don't really have any qualms.....apart from the fact that maybe the distance you can move at once could be increased by a little maybe ?

Thanks for playing man :)

I thought it best to continue with the same style of platforms so that things didn't seem tooooooo jarring for the player

Nice to see a cute game after playing many bloody and violent entries.

The design is nice and the puzzle element is interesting and rather challenging. Having to see in which order you have to collect the cupcakes in each level.

Rather nice and cuddly overall :)

My game may not be juicy.......

but the cherries in it.........DELICIOUS ( but then again.....that's for you to decide)

Rate :

Game :

A meme about my game ? HELL YES

Hope you like cherries

Rate :

Game :