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Yeah, there are a lot of bugs for sure. We are thinking of developing the idea further and polishing it a bit more, after a little rest from this past month hahah.
Thank you for having played!

We unfortunately missed the deadline for a few minutes. Although we're not going to participate on the voting, here's the link to what we made so it won't all go to waste.

I had a really good time making this, thanks Matthew!

Your game is smooth! I like the feeling of moving the cat around and meowing at every corner. I do miss some kind of challenge, although that's a completely personal question. And congratulations for aiming for a simple concept, that's still a struggle for me (vide Death to the Cats).  Apparently, you were able to keep everything at your capabilities and was able to deliver a cute and concise environment! Thanks for the jam, and for your review o/

if only I knew spawning cubes would be this cool! great idea

hey, I really dig that concept. i think it would result in an awesome arcade game.

hi marcos! I posted a while ago looking for a 2D artist. if you have spare time from working with fsofme, we would gladly accept your help too! hit us at our server:

hey cody, if fusion doesn't need 2D anymore and you'd rather stick to 2D, give me a shout! we need someone for possible characters.

cheers from a fellow Brazilian coder o/ Good luck in your jam!

that's great! please meet us on discord:

hey amikaze! would you be willing to lend my team a hand in sound effects? if you don't want to join us, maybe some kind of "coaching"?

awesome then (:

here's the link to our server:

hey, you're quite welcome then! haha

do you have a discord account? I suggest we use that for discussions

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Hello, everyone!

My friend and I are looking for artists to help us in this jam. We are both programmers with 2 jams under our belt (so still a lot to learn), yet we are eager to participate and leave a mark in this.

We still haven't decided on the project, so the artist would be free to contribute with any concept that he/she might come out with.

Also, since we're both part-time workers AND nearing our graduations, the time devoted to this project wouldn't be much, so we will have to aim low for this one.

That's it! Happy jam o/

Edit #1

At the moment, we are 2 programmers and 1 UI/Environment artist. We still need someone for characters and possible 2d animation!