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This game is really beautiful.  In particular, there was clear attention paid to making May so hauntingly beautiful that she stands out among every other character.

(I also appreciate that the main character has a trans flag, but doesn't actually mention it.  It's there but it's a non-detail.)

I really have to start heeding trigger warnings.  This game honestly terrified me, and I'm still feeling it a little.  I've had a lot of similarities with May, and I've been in the position of the main character, trying to keep my friends from dying.

I don't regret playing the game.  Maybe that fear is why it seems more important to find therapy.  So, thank you.

Thanks so much.  Don't feel sorry for anything.

This game is beautiful.  It made me feel emotions again.  It hurts, but it's better than emptiness.  I really hope the apocalypse creates a world just like the one in this game.  Swirling fire-beasts, werewolf-women, trees, and all.