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This was... a ride.
A disturbing, funny, bizarre, surprising, thought-provoking, quirky ride.
Story and characters are what I look for in a book or game, and yours gets top marks in both! A few typos and grammatical tense issues, but otherwise the writing was tight and evocative. Thank you for your time and effort on this. Really well done.


If Osgoode had been just a regular human murderer, this would have been just plain creepy, and disgusting how she fell for him. (I was honestly wary about giving this a go because I was getting Twilight vibes from the description, and Twilight was not for me, lol) But your brilliant choice to make him a wendigo and give him such an alien personality was what made me think so highly of this game. I'm really looking forward to your next!

I added this to my Favorite VNs list even before I had finished the game. Really, I don't think I can add anything new to the praise already given, so I'll just list a few of the things I especially liked:
- intriguing, exciting and original story
- even the minor characters had personality
- using my brain-- you have to pay attention and think through things because the choices have an impact
- polished-- noticed only a few minor typos
- the right amount of otome for me-- I like when the romance takes the back seat
Thank you so much for this amazing game!

I agree with the previous posters-- this is really good! Story is intriguing and creepy, twist was great. Art is nice, and I like the break from the usual 'sprite in the center of the screen' style.

Some humble suggestions: It could do with one more proofread; I noticed some capitalization/punctuation issues, as well as a few words that needed a space between. And it kinda broke immersion to say things like 'Grant now trusts you more'. Maybe a little icon or sound effect would be less intrusive? Or even better, can you convey the trust in the characters' dialogue or by their actions instead? (eg. Grant grins at you in the rearview mirror.)
Anyway, really hope to see the finished game!

I usually don't do kinetic VNs, but I'm glad I read this one. Very nicely done. The mystery was engaging, the artwork and music beautiful, the voice acting well done, and the ending bittersweet. Thanks to the whole team for their work on this!

What a lovely game! Excellent writing (correct spelling, grammar etc always makes me happy!), nicely done art and music. I loved the characters! Story was quirky as well as very touching, gameplay was fun and riddles were easy (not a complaint-- it fits the game well). Romance felt a bit rushed, and really wasn't necessary, but the game was done for an otome jam, so I understand. Looking forward to checking out your other titles! Thanks for your hard work on this wonderful game!

This is great! Quirky and silly, but with a bit of depth as well. Amazing use of Ren'py, from image maps to mini games and inventory. Loved the noir intro and feel of the game. I will be checking out some of your other games too. Thanks for your hard work on this!

(But I was sad when he punched the old butler.)

Super cute game! The pictures are adorable, and the D&D references are fun, as is the board game style. (Would have been cool to have a d4 instead of a spinner, but totally fine as is. :) ) Some cute music and a few little sound effects would be fun too. Awesome little game for a 'first attempt'! (Free of grammar and spelling errors as well * wink *)

Aw, looks so fun! But I so wish this wasn't .swf. I can't seem to find an easy Linux-friendly way to play it. (T-T)

lol I felt the exact same way.

This brought me so much joy. Not only a hilarious parody, it actually added some needed development to Ashley's character. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this! <3