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The game is now public! We admittedly bit off way more than we could chew, but 50+ hours of coding the game is done. 

I'd love to see what the game is like. I'm hitting the same glitch as everyone else. Will you release a patched version soon? 

I really liked the artwork!

Hey man, I personally loved it. I had a good laugh at your weapon. 

While not having tons of functionality, I really enjoyed the visuals of this game. 

Fun! I like the collection aspect of the game a lot. The UI is a bit intrusive and gets in the way, but overall I like the feel of the game.

Thanks for the feedback! A few extra "features" definitely sneaked into the final release. 

Yeah, I'm in! I can also help with coding as needed. I think making an RPG game would be a lot of fun! Do you have a Discord channel up, or would you like me to get one around?

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Hey Heart Jammers, 

Looking to either join a group or start one. 

I'm an intermediate programmer and new pixel artist/animator that is diving into Game development. 

I'm using GameMaker studio 1.4 and have all export modules. I've gone through the YouTube RPG tutorial and Platformer Udemy course from HeartBeast. 

Looking for a team that is willing to have a good time, teach/learn, and hangout in a Discord server while we work. Not really concerned with other members' skill level, as I see this as a great opportunity to learn and have a good time. 

contact info: or PM through here.

Below is some of my pixel artwork. All feedback / critique is welcome.

  1. Self portrait 
    1. I think I'm much more attractive in low-res.
  2. RPG character
    1. First character I made / animated for game artwork
  3. Roguelike platformer character
    1. Most recent game prototype that I'm working on. 

I will be available for the majority of the event. I'd prefer to not pull crazy late nights (1am max), especially Sunday so I can be useful at work Monday.