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Hello once more! Long time no see! Great to see the game is still getting attention. You are a limitless font of energy, Kassoon! As a note, my judgement is based on previous iterations of the game, as I've spent a good deal of time away from it. Getting back in now!

My votes go to Story and Survival. 

Interactions with villagers in the past always drove me to move away from the town. I wanted to strike out on my own. More ways to interact with them, quests being one, would make the town much more appealing. It should be an essential hub of your operations. I saw your implementation of delivery tasks. Very nice progress! As for Survival, the hunter vocation never seemed to make sense. Adding some rare monsters to work towards bringing down would be awesome! I'd ask myself: How would one make a living as a hunter in this town? Are there enough monsters to do this? 

I would say Farming, as it was a big draw in the first game. The crop rotation with the seasons and making sure you had enough supplies for winter was really captivating. In previous versions of the game, I found farming to be supplemental, not a main source of money or even food! But you seem to be on your way to expanding those features. I'm sure it will get done soon.