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Another incredible game by Terakorp! Smooth gameplay, great controls, and just the right amount of frustrating, get a preview here:

Greetings! Firstly; what a great style of game. I really loved the 8-bit style, and ease of buttons. In saying that, the control scheme got a little frustrating at times, and some of the movement was almost painful. Outside that though, it was a relatively good experience. Thanks for the upload!

Created a new topic Playthrough and Showcase

Greetings all! For those of you still on the fence about downloading this game, then here is a video of my experience:
15 minutes. and 49 deaths. Can you beat my score?

Wow, what a fantastic game! I'm pleasantly surprised that I found a well-made, polished game that was made in 48 hours. Great work! PS, loved the boss ;)

Wow! I was expecting hard; but not this hard. I couldn't even get past level 3! Thanks so much for creating this great, but challenging game!

Wow, what a fantastic game! The music is incredible, the gameplay idea is great, and the story has meaning; this is a wonderful little indie game that i've fallen in love with.
My only qualm is with the controls; I had to remap all of the controls manually, and even then, the naming convention was slightly off. But past that, the game was (and is) well worth my time. Great work!

Fantastic set of mini games, but I want more! Awesome choice of games, great audio, and smooth Gameplay. Worth the download! 

What a fantastic and quirky game! I loved it! Great style, awesome art, and very nice humour. Thanks for creating this game!

Such an awesome and interesting game! Definitely challenging, but the right amount of. Hope you keep on developing this!


Greetings! Here's a video I've made of your game! I hope you enjoy the video, and don't take the critisism harshly!

Anyone who's interested in some gameplay of this, check it out here! (While you,re downloading of course!)